After one of my previous posts, I noticed my hit counter inexplicably rise. More specifically, I received close 3,000 hits in less than a day’s time. I couldn’t figure it out until I read the comments’ section and learned the post was tagged by WordPress and was featured on their homepage! Wowzers!

Thank you WordPress for showcasing my blog. Thing is: that particular post was motivated by somebody else’s work (again, big h/t to Duane over at the Black Informant). I just added a little more of my personal commentary. But all the same, I’m truly honored and humbled.

To any of you who found my joint via the “Fresh Pressed” page, welcome to The Unmitigated Word! I sincerely appreciate you hanging out with me. And please know that you’ll always have a place at the table. Come by anytime to chat, share your thoughts, challenge me, or just kick it cybernetically. I’ll do the same at your spots.

Be easy, breezy.