9 comments on “Thoughts on Sen. Bryd

  1. Oh…..my….God, Andre,
    You’ve joined the ranks of people who are white-washing this God-awful hate filled racist? Redemption??? It took until 2009 for him to apologize for filibusting the Civil Rights Ammendment. Plus, he never admitted to actually VOTING for Obama, only endorsing him (after the KKK did the same, because, Quote,”Anything is better than Hillary Clinton.”) You can not find me proof he EVER voted for ANY black person for Any position. 40 years ago he would have hung you from a tree. There’s no proof of his “redemption” except empty words. If you can find good in this horrible, embarrassing example of the worst side of white people, you’re a better man than me. My sympathies to his family, but his death is the end of a an era I would just as soon put behind us.

  2. C’mon, HC. My entire second paragraph puts this dude on trial. I’d hardly call that white-washing his life.

    Sorry to say, bro…but your point about the Klan endorsing Obama is false. They never supported him, even if it was just to spite Clinton. HOWEVER, you do raise a legitimate question that I’ve been asking myself: was Byrd’s “redemption” genuine or was it in response to changing social times? After the passage of the Civil Rights Act, it wasn’t as socially fashionable to be a public racist. So did Byrd drop the public act just to save face or was he really repentant? That’s for him, God, and Dr. Phil to know. But the legislation he pushed and the political moves he publicly made speak some.

  3. Hey Dre,
    I apologize for spreading what was obvious a hoax- I got fooled. However, I stand by my statement that Byrd fought against all black nominees, so I’m not sure what “legislation he pushed and the political moves he publicly made” are that your refering to. If I live to be 100 years old, I will not understand why it is that someone like Sarah Palin is so vilified and why Tea Partiers are deemed racist by any percieved or exaggerated infraction against minorities while obvious racist statements by Harry Reid, Robert Byrd, Dan Rather, or any other Liberal is always dismissed no matter how vile. I used to believe that minorities only thought white males were capable of racism, now it appears that even they get a pass as long as they support the Democrat agenda. Re-reading your second paragraph did nothing to convince me that you see the true vileness of this man. I’m sorry Dre, but if this were a Republican, even a moderate, I belive this story would been written with a entirely different angle. Robert Byrd hid his prejudice in his later years for purely political reasons, but he showed over and over again that he did not trust blacks to be in charge of anything. Passing over that fact stuns me.

    • Oh, I meant to say the third paragraph. My bad.

      I can’t speak for every black person in the country, but if I had to venture a guess as to why black folks vote democrat despite Dems’ behaviors:

      (1) Black America (generally speaking, I guess) tends to be morally conservative, church-going, and traditional. But when it comes to social issues, they are far more progressive. Affirmative Action, welfare, equal housing, wealthy redistribution, etc. Democrats tend to promote/support issues that hit close to home. At least on the surface, they do. Which leads me to the next point…

      (2) Appearance vis a vis action: Statements made by folks like Reid, Byrd, etc. tend to get dismissed if their actions (i.e. voting records) tell a different story. I think if you speak to many blacks, they’d agree that they don’t particularly care what people think about them…as long as those thoughts don’t translate into actions. When groups like the NAACP can give a guy like Byrd glowing reviews on his Congressional scorecard, it would seem they are more concerned with what a person does and not what they say.

      • Hey Dre,
        Sorry I’m dragging this point out, but are you saying black people think it’s o.k. to make racist statements (or even BE a racist) as long as you give them things?

  4. thehc :Hey Dre,Sorry I’m dragging this point out, but are you saying black people think it’s o.k. to make racist statements (or even BE a racist) as long as you give them things?

    In a very strange way, yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’d be a little leery in saying “giving them things”, since many of the social programs of which I was speaking directly benefit white people just as much as black people (i.e. welfare). But if a politician had a record of supporting agendas which included black folks as a benefiary group, then yes, I think they’d be allowed a racist Freudian slip (or any other transgression) from time to time. Look at Bill Clinton’s career. Even after Lewinsky and all the race-baiting he did last year, I bet he’s still wildly popular with black folks.

    As I said, black people are generally church-going folks. As such, as story like Paul’s conversion bears down on them and their ability (?) to forgive people for doing stupid shit. Do I think like that? Absolutely not. But I’m also not the kind of person who needs to hang people’s past over their heads for all times. By that logic, I should consider myself a life-long crook, based on some of the mess I got myself into as a young adult.

  5. thehc,

    Besides all of Sen. Byrd’s public statements decrying his past and his progressive work in public service, what else do you need to give the man a break?!

    There’s nothing wrong with bringing unapologetic people to light and calling them out. But whatever kind of demagogue you think he was, he wasn’t when he died.

    • Hey Mike,
      I guess I’m a heartless, unforgiving bastard. (no sarcasm intended.) I don’t forgive child molestors, murderers, or people that advocate killing people based on their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. I have yet to see any real evidence that Senator Byrd ever felt that black people were his equal. I guess that’s why I’m not a Christian, I can see no consistancy in their “forgiveness”. The pain caused by these people is still felt today. If Senator Bryd wants forgiveness, let him ask God. I have none for him. BTW, I’ve been around white supremacists, they often advocate killing children of minorities. While I can’t see into Senator Byrd’s heart to see if he truly repented…. neither can you.

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