28 comments on “BET: Still on the Menu

  1. Andre,

    Even though I’m obviously not black, I believe that BET is a disgrace to black people. I don’t allow my children to watch it just because I don’t want them thinking that the things on airing on that network applies to Black America.

    No matter how they try to justify it, nothing can excuse showing the most low-class aspects of blacks to the rest of the nation. If BET went off the air tomorrow, it wouldn’t be soon enough.

    • Its fine to keep children from watching it, but I don’t think BET is any more of a disgrace to black people than MTV or VH1 is a disgrace to people in general.

  2. The truth is BET succeeds because there’s no other alternative. That’s why people who should know better will continue to turn to it. As bad as the minstrel show is, it dues reflect aspects of black culture ignored by the mainstream media. And BET isn’t absolutely bad, so people will cling to the good shows it produces and disregard the bad.

  3. I do not have an opinion on this but i thought you would like to know that this post made it to the WordPress “Freshly Pressed” page. Congrats.

  4. I stopped watching BET when I turned to Rap City one day and saw that there was a day dedicated to video chicks, Big Tigger did an interview with Buffy the Body? Then there was those college kids getting somewhat elementary school questions wrong,that made me have to no longer watch and support BET. That was over six years ago. From what I hear things get worst each year.

  5. I totally agree. There is no other alternative. Personally, as a black man, I hate BET! All it’s good for is reinforcing those negative stereotypes.

    The fact is, we are more than just rappers and gangsta-wannabe’s. While those things may make-up a facet of who we are, they most certainly don’t define every black person. And come to think about it, doesn’t white American listen to rap, as well? It’s no secret that white teens are the major consumers. That should tell you something right there! But no one says white folks have to fit a certain mold just because they occasionally listen to T.I. Or for that matter, no one denies that they’re white because of that, either.

    Blacks do, however! We’re probably one of the few races that’ll make a fellow brother or sister feel like an outcast if the aren’t up-to-date on “black” culture. What’s more, the term black culture, while I completely recognize where it came from and its importance at the time, has taken on a sort of absolute, closed-minded form that, for so many of us, just isn’t the case.
    Such provincial thinking stunts our growth.

    How can we expect any kind of change if so many of us keeping feeding into such closed-minded thinking? We’re more than that people!

    It’s time we start realizing it!

  6. Hi, I am not the biggest fan of BET, Its good for music, like R and B and Hip Hop, but, I love reggae music. I like BET, for the discussions on black issues, they sometimes talk about. I would like to know more is being done to reconnect black folks with their roots. I sometimes get the impression we have strayed so far…that their is no “turning back” Nice blog.
    Inity, Unity, and Love.

  7. I feel that BET lost “the message” when they sold-out to VIACOM in 2000 and therefore became a characature of what they were when Donnie Simpson was the head VJ at their inception. They have fallen far from the days of Rap City, et al, and when I had cable tv, which I don’t anymore and do not miss it except for live sporting events, I didn’t even program it into my “favorites” where one I would have. For Mr. Johnson to have sold his one unique brand like that was the height of greed and selfish business tactics that stepped all over the gains won during the struggle by minority broadcast entrepreneurs to actually OWN a station or in this case, a NETWORK.

  8. Thoughts?
    BET will be the leading entertainment channel for the black community even if something else comes around to pose any sort of competition. I do believe it is more of the voice for the young black youth because I don’t see a lot of seniors settling in watching 106 and Park on a daily basis. Just like MTV, I believe more people tune into BET for their award show(s) more than anything else. So, to get more ratings, the producers hope for a celebrity melt down or anything career ending.

    As a Caucasian, I don’t feel BET represents the majority of the black community and I would hope that the bulk of black people wouldn’t look at me and think I watch CMT or have sex with multiple partners in a whirlpool off the Jersey Shore.

    Stereotypes, stereotypes, stereotypes.

    Why are you blogging? Isn’t SportsCenter on? *rolls eyes*

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  10. “His contention is simple: for all the talk about how bad BET is for Black America, it is – and will continue to be – the hottest ticket in town.”

    Without a doubt!

    Here’s a question: Are we really that concern about what BET is supposed to be doing to “black America,” or is it that we’re ashamed of the black images that BET projects of us to the rest of the world.

    I’m ashamed of nothing that blacks do–not what gangs do, nor the music we perform–no aspect of black culture. I can disapprove of many things that blacks do, including myself, without being ashamed of them.

    Shame takes it to another level. It’s a judgment that other groups don’t make about themselves, and, for me, I’ll have no part of it.

    Hence, we have the “Godfather” trilogy, widely accepted, and widely viewed, but not all Italians are feeling guilty, or ashamed for it. We have pornography, a multi-billion dollar business, mostly a white venture, that some say, denigrates women, a denigration which not all whites are feeling guilty, or ashamed for. We have another multi-billion dollar, illegal drug business, a mostly white enterprise, but I don’t see all whites feeling guilty, or ashamed because of it.

    Some blacks put the most egregious burden upon themselves. I stop carrying around the “black burden” years ago, and the attendant “guilt” and “shame.” I cannot become a one-man exception, or counterforce to all those things we blacks find deplorable about our communities.

    And for saying that, I have been severely attacked, as well as for my assertion that: “I’m not ashamed.”

    To shift the conversation into a philosophical realm, let me ask this: Who gets to call a thing “shameful”? Whose dictates should we listen to? Whites? Blacks? Our own conscience?

    I tell you this: We’re making it all up!

  11. being a black woman at the young age of 44, i personally can’t stand BET. i absolutely feel that it sets black people back a good 50 years when it comes to the videos (overly sexual, and believe me, i’m not a prude). i have a 22 year old son, and when he was from the ages ummm…birth to 18, i would limit his ability to watch BET, just as I would limit his ability to watch HBO and other channels that were overly sexual.
    I have a hard time accepting the ignorance that seems to be almost celebrated from not only the vj’s, but the stars that appear on the shows and the everyday people that get a chance to say whatever they want to say. we are SO much smarter and savvy than this channel shows us to be!! i don’t understand why we as black people celebrate this channel as a whole, and not stand up and say, give us good and upstanding representation. we are not all hoochies wearing next to nothing, and the men are not all gangsta wanna be’s that always have to have they’re pants down around their ass and their hats on sideways. (i thought that we got over that about 10 years ago…but it still keeps going on).
    Another thing i’ve NEVER understood…why is it ok to call it ‘black entertainment television’. how about ‘urban entertainment’, or something of the like. i guess we’ll address that issue when we see a ‘white entertainment television’, and when there’s an uproar (and there WILL be), we can figure out how to justify our network, while saying the white channel is racist.
    i’m just sayin…

    • Norah :Another thing i’ve NEVER understood…why is it ok to call it ‘black entertainment television’. how about ‘urban entertainment’, or something of the like. i guess we’ll address that issue when we see a ‘white entertainment television’, and when there’s an uproar (and there WILL be), we can figure out how to justify our network, while saying the white channel is racist.i’m just sayin…

      I agree 100%!!!!

  12. BET needs competition… competition usually ups tha stakes for everyone… amazing that in 2010 BET is still able hold such a monopoly on the market…

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  14. Personally, I haven’t watched BET in years. They stopped being relevant to me when they got sold to Viacom. Since then, it’s turned into a cesspool of misogyny and decrepit behavior that only gets worse as time goes by. Were they to get serious about the Black community again, I’d start back, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

    So, BET can go kick rocks.

  15. The issue with BET is not in the demand that people give it. It’s the fact that they don’t show anything on the station that offers counterbalances to the stereotypical images that are out there. If they produced a balance of shows, they would not be as vilified as they are by many of us.

    • That is the problem with most Networks. No variety. It’s because the people taking over are trying to please teeny boppers. All the shows are getting really repetitive nowadays.

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  17. Honestly I don’t think BET was meant to “make black people look bad” because like you said in the article its purpose is entertainment. Just like you rarely see anyone on MTV or VH1 that’s depicted in a positive light, BET does what sells, not what makes black people look good.

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