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Bold and unapologetic commentary on race, religion, politics, and everything in between. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Ground Rules

In most cases, I think that rules are for suckas. But just for the sake of establishing some decorum, I’ve got a few ground rules for this site. Please make note of them. Even though I don’t like supressing people’s speech and I love getting as many visitors to my joint as possible, I don’t mind pulling the plug if you get out of pocket.

Let me preface this by admitting that things can get a little bumpy on this site from time to time. As I stated in my tag, I love to discuss my faith, issues of race, politics, and any other volatile subjects that may come up. Given that there is no absolute truth in any of these hot button topics, disagreements and debates are sure to surface. That’s to be expected with a room full of intellectuals. But as our differences become clear (and I’m sure they will), respect must be given by one and all!

As it relates to comments: I have made it known many times over that I’m a fan of free speech. That said, I will never moderate comments. I have a  filter function enabled to catch some of the spam that tries to make its way in discussion boards. Otherwise, I do not screen comments. I don’t mind when people disagree with me on particular posts. In fact, I expect it and encourage it. Again, all I ask is that we can disagree in civil manner. Failure to do so will put me in the ungratifying (or, in some cases gratifying) position of giving you the boot.

My comment boards are open, so you don’t need an account with WordPress, Blogger, Typejournal, etc. to post. If you choose not to leave an identity, that’s fine as well. However, I ask that you at least consider leaving a name; even if you have to make one up. It’s a lot easier than referring to you as Anonymous #3.

If you find that your comments aren’t posting, it’s pretty likely that my spam filter has picked them out of the air. I occasionally check the filter to see if these comments are from legitimate commenters or from if they are merely spam advertising Viagra or some crap like that. If you find that your comments are not posting, feel free to shoot me an email at, and I’ll take care of the problem. While we’re at it: I should also point out that as this site’s administrator, I have the ability to edit other people’s comments. So if you’ve made a mistake (typos, directed comments at the wrong person, etc.) or if you simply want to remove a comment, let me know.

In summary, I want my blog to be a place that provides you the opportunity to exchange thoughts in an intellectual free-for-all. I welcome open and honest discussion. But let’s keep it at a mature, intelligent, calm, and insightful level. We’re not six years old anymore. But for any of you who act like you are, this isn’t the place for you. I think you’ll be much happier here

Oooh! Spongebob! I’ll be right back…


8 thoughts on “The Ground Rules

  1. “Oooh! Spongebob! I’ll be right back” (i didn’t know how to italize here, so i put your comment in quotes)


  2. Fair enough. I accept the terms. 🙂 But it’s kind of hard to take a grown man who watches Spongebob Squarepants seriously. :p

  3. I’ve been quiet for a while, now. Thanks for the “Somalian pirates” post and awakening the dead (me). Peace.

  4. I’m not sure it is given that there is no absolute truth in the above named topics.

    1. There’s no question that the sun exists. But those aren’t the types of things I discuss on this blog. Issue of race, politics, religion, social matters, etc. are always subject to debate. Occasionally, we’ll be introduced to undeniable facts in any of the aforementioned subject matters. But generally speaking, I don’t think an absolute truth tends to exist in those areas.

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