The Unmitigated Word

Bold and unapologetic commentary on race, religion, politics, and everything in between. Viewer discretion is advised.

About Me

I admit: self descriptions are never easy for me. But if I had to portray myself in a few words, I’d say that I’m an introspective and reasonably moderate person with a love for God, family, friends, learning, and life. Though I am occasionally shaken (but not stirred 🙂 ) by many of the complexities around me, I try to exude positivity when at all possible. Living in a socially and morally underdeveloped world, I try — as much as I can — to be an exemplar of right; even after I miss the mark myself.

At the end of the day, I realize that falling short of God’s standards is not a perdicament exclusive to one or two people; but indeed to ALL of us. Knowing that, I accept my imperfections. But my imperfections can not and will not obstruct my progress during this never-ending pursuit of self-discovery. I strive to be the person God has called for me to be. I’m nowhere near that point, but I try to work toward it daily.

Oh, yeah. And ladies, I’m single married. Sorry. 😉


15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Your input is invaluable. I’m new “around here” and I already feel welcome. Peace.

  2. ☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻The world is a better place with you in it ,a pleasure to know you and call you friend ♥♥ ☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻☻☺☺☺☻☻☺☺☻

  3. If I didn’t have a boyfriend and lived on the other side of the country, I’d totally go for you! 🙂

  4. If you happen to be on Facebook, email me and let me know. Perhaps you’ll let me add you as a friend.

  5. Dude – it has been soooo long and I apologize. Isn’t it grand that we don’t put our all-n-all in our “faithful” readers? How long has it been? This is the 1st time I’ve seen your pic, that’s how long! Wow! Why have I always pictured you in a suit and tie? I’m back . . . at least as a reader. Haven’t been posting much but, will be soon. Don’t let our “off-again, on-again” loyalties put you off – keep on posting! Peace.

    1. No worries, brother. As you can tell, I’ve been a little absent from the blogging scene myself. What can I say? Sometimes life gets in the way.

      Welcome back.

  6. Andre,

    Beautiful writing, clear opinions, and an entertaining take on the issues. You’ve got another fan. Please keep up the great work.

  7. Nice blog. It’s a little too liberal leaning for my liking (I tend to be libertarian). But it’s pretty well written, informative, and has a ting of sarcasm. I like that.

  8. I clicked on your blog because it was on “Freshly Pressed” read the post. very well-written then saw the first comment addressed to you, Andre, which at first freaked me out because my ex-bf’s name is Andre so naturally as a blogger and a girl I have to be nosy about the blog. Anyway, keep it up. 🙂 Random. I know.

    1. Thanks MCT88. You’ve got a great blog yourself. It’s really well-written. You should be proud!

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