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  1. Yeah jail is too harsh. I do, however, believe that some type of punishment is needed for parents when their children miss too many days of school…it’s unfortunate that the city has to MAKE the parents be parents, but it’s unfortunately needed.

    So when the police contacted Demarco Harris’ parents at home, they weren’t at work making ends meet…they were at home…not knowing where their 12-yea old was….that’s CRAZY! Why do people not care anymore? I don’t get it!!

    • Agree with Joslyn 10000%. Two o’clock in the morning and you dont know where your twelve yr child is. This is really sad. Maybe its a good thing he’s locked up b/c he’s not getting any parental guidance at home but he will in juvenile. Yes hold the parents accountable. First time 3mths in jail, second time 6mths in jail and so on. From what I read his parents dont care which is sad because young men today need that guidance from home and if its not at home then they will look else where.

  2. “We should not have to legislate this, but what we have been doing is not working” She was right. We shouldn’t have to or ought to legislate this. More rules, laws and punishment is not going to work unless there is a viable alternative. I don’t like using social problems as an excuse for crime cause it should never be an excuse but it is a symptom of social ills. and these social problems must be addressed. Don’t want kids to loiter and hang with bad company? What is the alternative? I have read in London and some other cities, inner city kids have been rescued from a life of crime by giving them access to training as a choir, part of a band, dance troupe or even theater company. This gives them a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves (instead of a gang), develops their sense of responsibility, discipline and also self confidence and pride and keeps them away from negative influences. If you want a dog to stop chewing a bone, using a stick may only get the dog to bite you but if you throw a piece of steak at it, the dog will willingly surrender the bone for the steak. Not the best analogy but the message is in there somewhere.

  3. I agree, we need to hold parents more responsible! It starts at home first! As a toddler I was taught to say “Thank You”, Excuse Me”, etc. I was taught to respect others. I was taught to work hard for what I want. It all starts at home! I see everyday all day children growing up themselves, living by any means necessary. Parents only in their 20’s and their children is already in their teens. I see children my kids ages 11 or 12′clock at night walking the streets, hanging out, smoking and drinking, and I asked myself “What are these parents doing?”

  4. Jail is a little much, but I think this prosecutor has her heart in the right place. Too many parents treat school like a daycare, as if they give up all responsibility once the kid enters the school. I think schools should take a lesson and FORCE the parents to take a larger role in their kids’ lives, if they are unwilling to do it on their own. And yes, I know that many of our parents are single or poor and need to work, but when it comes down to it, when they had that child, they made the decision to take care of them and try to give them a better life. Throw all the EXCUSES out the window. There’s only a TINY population out there who would get fired from going to a parent/teacher conference, everyone else is just unwilling to put forth the effort or lose the vacation time.

    Also, I’m sure this Prosecutor is only going after the serial offenders; parents with ‘troubled’ kids who haven’t even taken steps to visit the school or call to discuss over the phone. It is these people are doing a grave disservice to their kids, and the school on the whole.

  5. Some school administrtors are too busy blaming the parents instead of seeing what is the true problem woth their educational system. This is a ridiculous idea. What are they going to do fine parents? Put them in jail? Put them in time out? Please!!!

  6. It would be nice if parents would be parents and actually go to the meetings and become involved without having to be forced. It’s sad when the government has to even consider forcing parents to go to parent-teacher meetings, which I agree is “outside the law”.

  7. Kym Worthy just wants to see her name in the paper as she is posturing herself for a run at State Attorney General. She doesn’t care about the schools, the parents, or the kids. She’s an opportunist.

    • I doubt it, Tony. After the Kwame scandal, she was one of the hottest tickets in town. She could’ve moved up the ranks pretty quickly or gone somewhere else to practice. I think she’s one of the few bright spots in the D right now.

  8. I’m all for some punitive action against parents who bring children into this world then neglect them and are blatantly irresponisble parents! Fine them first, then incarcerate again and again unitl they wise up!

  9. Hey Dre,
    So often we focus on the negative in Detroit, (like the new KKK, aka the Kwame Kilpatrick Klan). However, people like Kim Worthy, Robert Bob, and Mayor Bing are trying to do some good and I give them huge props for it. It’s an uphill battle. I’ve come to the realization that “progressive” thought is based on “If your in power or the majority, then your wrong.” Add that to the political mine field of ever pointing the finger of blame at your own constituents, and it’s easy to see that they are fighting against the current. A good question to ask is this, “If we make people responsible for their dogs at all times, why not their kids?” I’m not sure that this is the right approach, but at least it does lean in the right direction by demanding some personal accountability instead of excuses. Another good idea would be to demand more involvement of fathers which would free up more time for the mothers. But unfortunately, we devalue fathers because it fits in with the gay agenda, creating a dependent society, and creating more single mothers who overwelmingly vote Democrat. If we force fathers who claim that they have no jobs to pay child support (while they sell drugs or working under the table) to show up at government work camps, I think you would be suprised at how quickly the out-or-wedlock birth rate would drop along with the amount of children dependent on government social programs.

  10. “If we make kids responsible for their dogs at all times, why not their kids?”

    LOVE IT!

  11. What’s never talked about is the cultural phenomena of parental loss of authority. This culture fosters children becoming indifferent to their parent’s authority over them. This culture undermines parental authority from the type of cartoons that kids watch, to the music that’s aimed at them. The kids don’t respect their parents, much less fear them. The switch that kept kids in line back in the day is non-existant in these times.
    In addition, black children don’t have respect for their black parents. I think the media does a number on how black children even view black people, much less their parent(s). It’s deep.

    • Wow Anna,
      You really touched on something that’s been bothering me for a long time.I think your 100% on the mark. There’s a lot of reasons for this besides the one’s I listed above. Corporations have figured out a long time ago that divorced or separated Parents of children spend more money. There’s far more product sold when the family is split. (Two houses, furniture, T.V.s, stoves, etc.) Those products would be shared if the family were together. Also the competition between parents for the attention of kids in broken homes leads to more spending. It’s hard to tell an undisciplined kid with no respect “No” to whatever toy he/she wants. I even believe there is a sexual motive too. Children of broken homes are easier to sexualize and I believe Hollywood is a secret supporter of child/adult sex. Just look at how they support people like Roman Polanski or Woody Allen. I don’t think the sexualization of children by Hollywood is an accident. Look at shows like the Naked Brothers Band, Lazy Town or Drama Island and how people like Miley Cyrus are sexualized before they even reach 12.

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