10 comments on “Here Comes Da Judge…?

  1. I doubt the Republicans will put up much of a fight on this nomination. Besides, anybody who could fervently support Harriet Miers loses credibility from the jump.

    • Good point, KC. After essentially vouching for Miers, the GOP lost any footing they could have had in criticizing an Ivy-leagued educated, experienced judicial authority. An attempts they may stage to upend Sotomayor’s nomination will be seen as a politically motivated and perhaps even racially charged effort. The last thing the GOP needs at this point of their “party rebranding” is an alienation of minorities. The McCain/Palin campaign taught us that.

  2. Picking Sotomayor was fine and dandy. But I hope he checked her history of paying taxes first.

    • But I hope he checked her history of paying taxes first.

      I know, right? 🙂

  3. Dre, I think you’re expecting too much from the Repukelicans. Every decision they make is inspired by their own bigotry and narrow-mindedness. We just have to sit back and watch the days of the rural, unchanging, uneducated, Jesus freaks to die off.

    • C’mon Greg. Play nice. I love Jesus too, and I hardly consider myself a freak. Sheesh.

      But to your ultimate point: I’ve stated before that you have to be careful counting the Republicans out. Not only does the prosperity of our political system rest on the existence of at LEAST two parties, but history proves that both of our major parties have their peaks and valleys. The Republicans are in a tight corner, to be sure. But I don’t they’re anywhere NEAR throwing in the towel.

  4. Andre, I’m sorry about the Jesus freaks comment. I was out of line there. But I still believe that it’s a stretch to think the Republicans will drop their narrow-mindedness, graciously support their President, and strive toward bettering this country for all people – regardless of their race or ethnicity. I have a better chance at hitting the lottery.

  5. I loved this post. You succinctly hit the nail on the head. I am loving the idea of a Hispanic Justice on the Supreme Court, and must admit its interesting to watch neigh sayers try to critique her without playing the race card.

    Her appointment brings back not so different memories of the primaries and how people tried to play Obama because of his race. It”s too bad that its 2009 and people are still belittling people’s credentials and accoplishments because of their ethnic background, heck sometimes I feel like even Michael Steele gets it because he is a brother. Oh well, I am pleased with Sotomayor and that’s all that matters.

  6. @ GDS: “It’’s too bad that its 2009 and people are still belittling people’s credentials and accoplishments because of their ethnic background…

    Great point. I think this is one of the reasons why race-based Affirmative Action – while good in principle – is pretty unhelpful in squashing negative racial perceptions. Each time a minority (especially a racial minority) is able to accomplish something great, opponents are quick to falsely credit Affirmative Action. As if the person’s individual merit had nothing to do with their success.

    Nevermind the fact that Sotomayor is just an all-around dope person. She was CLEARLY appointed over a far more qualified white man, right? Sigh.

    Thanks for your comments.

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