8 comments on “Things you CAN and CAN’T blame on racism

  1. The woman and Disneyland story blew me away too, one morning her family was on tv pleading for her to be found, the next it comes out that she blamed two black men for abducting her… It is indeed sad that this can happen.

    As for the man with the 21 kids don’t know what to say or think. I hear about people like him in jokes and stuff, but sometimes its incredible that they actually exist. I think it’s time for him to consider getting sterilized. It’s sad when people make children, knowing they can not support them. You’re right the kids should not have to pay for their parent’s mistakes, well if they do, they will just end up repeating them again.

    but, at least he is paying child support while I wonder what was he in court for?

    • Icosikaihenadad (an icosikaihenagon has 21 sides). Doesn’t have quite the same ring. If he had stopped at twelve, he coulda been Dodecadad. That’s catchy.

      • My God, man. Who knows that kind of stuff except you? Sheesh.

  2. @ GDS: Sweeten needs to be made an example of (not sure if I can end this sentence with a preposition, but you get the point). A message needs to be sent loud and clear that we as a society will no longer tolerate this racial blame game. It’s bad enough when people of color are already forced to deal with bigotry and prejudice. But adding to that fire with outrageous whoppers makes matters worse. Fortunately, the police had the sense to deconstruct her story before they started rounding up every black man who “fit the description.”

    Regarding Hatchett; it’s LONG past sterilization time. In a situation where he could afford to take care 21 kids, I’d say to let him do his thing. In that case it should NOT be up to us to police the number of children he chooses to have. But this is a case where his kids are clearly being raised on taxpayer dollars. The gloves are off.

    @ LGS: My new nickname for Desmond Hatchett is “The Gardner.” He doesn’t seem to mind spreading his seeds all over the place.

  3. I hope that Sweeten loses custody of her children and spends some serious time behind bars. Something drastic needs to happen to send a clear message that we will NOT tolerate invoking imaginary images of people of color just to divert attention from their destructive behavior.

    Speaking of destructive behavior, the other two stories are just downright shameful. What the heck is wrong with people these days?!

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