5 comments on “The Blackless Obama

  1. Hey Dre,
    Calm down my brother. I can feel your anger right through my computer. I don’t much care for Bryon York or his opinions, but I think he has a point. Black Americans have a vested interest in President Obama doing well that no other group has had since the Catholics with JFK. I believe that a lot of Black Americans worry that if Barack doesn’t do welll that it will be a bad reflection on them and may even hurt their chances of being put in positions of power in the future. For that reason, they may (and I stress “may”) be a little more prone to give him higher marks than the average Dem even if only sub consciencely. I don’t think it in any way delegitimizes black people’s opinion, it just considers all the nuances of human nature. JFK was popular in part due to large support from Catholics, BHO is popular in part due to large support from blacks. I think that was the point he was trying to make.

  2. So if I’m not mistaken, this guy is saying that [Minus those black folks over there] Obama is not so popular? Wow. I guess that also means that black people were the folks who made President Bush so UN-popular.

    Damn those black people.

  3. Right, J. Alex. I’m so glad that 3% of black Iowans got President Obama elected. Gawd.

  4. While we’ve got some momentum going here, I guess the GOP would not be popular unless they had a bunch of overly religious, racist, gun nuts. Oh, wait a minute: they do. And they’re still fading away faster than Casper the ghost.

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