It’s official. The Royal Family of Great Britain welcomed its newest member today, as former American actress Meghan Markle tied the proverbial knot with Prince Harry. Now that all the buzz is starting to die down a bit, here are a few things I took away from the whole thing:

(1) For all you pretentious anti-media muddasuckas, relax. Yes, there was a wall-to-wall explosion of coverage from the media. Yes, the commentators got extremely carried away with their hyperbole (“Oh my God, everyone! Meghan’s car just turned the corner! She just made the most significant turn in history!”). Yes, all of the coverage temporarily overshadowed a whole slew of problems around the world. But simmer down, y’all. Let the lovebirds have this moment. You’ll have plenty of time to go back to all the misery of the world…after this quick word from our sponsors.

(2) To the aforementioned group again…I admit I feel your pain. I, too, tend to shy away from most of the vacuous, shallow celebrity gossip and news stories out there. But there was something about this wedding that was so alluring to me. I was fascinated by it all, including that damn Lifetime movie. My wife can attest to how much I HATE Lifetime joints. But – low key – I got pretty mad at her for not DVR’ing it for me.

(3) I can’t get over all the love Bishop Michael Curry is getting. Dude went straight to church with his impassioned sermon. I mean, seriously, homeboy was about two minutes away from somebody on the Nurses Guild handing him a towel and a glass of orange juice:

As to be expected, trolls were out in force criticizing him for the sermon. They argue he was seeking the spotlight for himself, that he carried on too long, and that he diminished the significance of the event with – what they consider – an inappropriate display of sensationalism. Welp. Haters gonna hate. But those of us who grew up in predominately black, overwhelmingly passionate and excitable churches, understand and appreciate the dynamics of his delivery (besides, how can you hate on a dude preaching about love?). Meghan obviously appreciated it too, which motivated her to invite him in the first place. Speaking of which:

(4) I would be remiss not to give now-Dutchess Meghan a huge shout out. This wedding was an ode to blackness on an international stage, smacking the culture of racism directly in the face. She had a black minister deliver the sermon, a gospel choir singing their version of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” (it was only a A selection this time), invited a young, black cellist to play at the service, and exited the church to Etta James’ “This Little Light of Mine.” Homegirl was two seconds away from inviting Beyonce and Al Green to sing. While I’m on it, a special shout out to Prince Harry for taking the ride along side her. It would’ve been easy – and quite justifiable – for him to subscribe to all the drab boringness of a traditional royal wedding. But he allowed his bride to usher in a part of who she is, and to do so with the entire world watching. Happy wife, happy life. Amirite?

(5) Speaking of the royal wedding and how it intersected with race, we MUST take a moment to appreciate the real unsung hero in this story: none other than mother of the Dutchess, Doria Ragland. Mrs. Ragland, as I expected from getting to “know” her a bit, carried on with grace, class, and elegance. Meanwhile, the other side of Meghan’s family has been straight acting a fool. Usually, the opposite is expected. It’s expected that we’re the ones who will be bringing the drama to a wedding. The baby mama showing up claiming the groom-to-be hasn’t paid child support for his six kids. The bride completely dissing her poor and unsuspecting man at the last minute for another dude (total jerk move, Whitley), or – in my parents’ case – when a fight breaks out. This time, Meghan’s black mother sat amongst royalty, big name celebrities, and distinguished people from all corners of the globe…and she stood head and shoulders above them all. #Salute.

(6) I still think my wife’s and my wedding day was cooler.

Anyway, congrats to the bride and groom.

*Daryl’s mom from Coming to America 15 minutes later*: To the bride and groom!