Coming fresh off the heels of an epic Black Panther movie, Marvel is close to releasing Avengers: Infinity War, a long-awaited battle between one of the universe’s most menacing villains and an ensemble of the heroes we’ve grown to love over the past…wow…18 movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s been speculated that the movie will be deadly, mostly as the MCU braces itself for a new phase of movies and characters. Here are my predictions on which heroes will make it out of the Infinity War alive and which ones won’t.


T’Challa: Um, yeah. There are about 1.3 billion reasons why the King of Wakanda is safe.  You can’t headline the most popular Marvel joint in history only to bite the big one in the next movie. For good measure, I think Shuri and Okoye are safe, too. M’Baku might not make it though, much to the disappointment of the good folks online who love participating in the M’Baku Challenge.

Dr. Strange: It’s highly unlikely that Stephen Strange’s recent entrance into the MCU will be short-lived. I suspect that Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will focus just as much on cosmic and mystical storytelling as it will on Earth. Wong might not be as safe, simply because he’s more of an, I dunno, accessory to Strange and is therefore more expendable. But I think the good doc has nothing to worry about himself.

Guardians of the Galaxy (some of them, at least): Rocket and Groot are probably safe. They’ve become sort of the signature characters of GotG (Groot was once “killed off”, but turns out, he wasn’t). But one Guardian who I think is particularly safe is Gamora. As the daughter of Thanos, I think she’s more likely to contribute to his downfall than the other way around. The others? They won’t be so lucky. Ditto goes for Nebula. I think Thanos takes her out. I mean, I think it’s pretty clear that Gamora is his favorite. *shrugs*

Black Widow: One of OGs on the set, Natasha has been the glue which has held all the Avengers together. She’s been a scout for Shield, a trainer, and a leader. Despite not having any superpowers to boast of, she’s easily been one of the most prolific characters in the entire MCU.

Spider-Man: Pete’s not going anywhere. With all the wrangling Marvel Studios had to do to finally convince Sony to add him to the MCU, I sincerely doubt they’re going to let him go. Besides, another Spiderman movie is rumored to be in the works after Infinity War.

In danger:

Star Lord: Even though Guardians 3 will definitely be a thing, it might happen without the leader of the pack. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some kind of self-sacrifice by Peter Quill which signals the demise of Thanos.

Thor: Going back to my theory that the next Phase of the MCU will go more cosmic, it would make sense for Thor to play a role in shaping that universe. But with Infinity Wars signaling the end of Chris Hemsworth’s contract, I think they’re going to rely more on the Guardians to usher the cosmic component in.

Bucky: I don’t think the MCU would go to the lengths it did to restore Bucky only to let him die at the hands of Thanos. But maybe his Wakandan recovery is just prolonging his inevitable demise.

Falcon: Sam and Bucky are probably giving each other a cold glance right now. The one who doesn’t die in Infinity War will probably be the next Cap.

Hulk: While it’s not as likely that Hulk dies at the hands of Thanos, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Bruce’s own worst enemy is himself. Ragnarok gave us a glimpse of how bad it would be if Bruce lost control.

Scarlet Witch: From everything we’ve seen in Infinity trailers, it looks like romance is brewing between her and Vision. Since Vision will meet his end (you’ll see what I mean in a second), it will have a significant impact on her. Maybe to the point that she becomes emotionally sloppy in fighting against Thanos. Even though it would make for a team with limited female involvement, I can see her joining her twin brother in that big comic book convention in the sky.

Ant-Man: Even though Scott is getting another movie right after Infinity Wars, it’s been rumored to take place before the battle against Thanos. It’s likely though, that being on house arrest from Civil War might oddly enough keep Scott sidelined. Laughing, but very serious.

War Machine: Rhodes escaped one brush with death in Civil War. And that was from friendly fire. From a homicidal maniac like Thanos? It’s not likely he walks away (crawls away?) from this, even if it possibly means no one else can don the iron suits (again, you’ll see what I mean in a moment).

Mantis: Maybe it’s just me, but she didn’t connect well with the others in Guardians 2. For that reason alone, I think she’s expendable.

Definitely start making funeral arrangements for:

Vision: One of the Infinity Stones is embedded in his forehead, for crying out loud. Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right? Or, as the case may be, you can’t build an Infinity Gauntlet without snatching stones off a few heads.

Iron Man: I’m calling it now. Tony is a goner. Not only are Robert Downey Jr.’s contractual obligations over after Infinity War, his price tag when he is on board is pretty high. On a movies front, Tony has been obsessed with being the downfall of his team. I think he’s going to prevent that by going out in a blaze of glory.

Captain America: Ditto for Steve. If the movies serve as a prelude to what has played out in the comics, count on Cap heroically dying with either Bucky or Falcon taking up the shield.

Loki: All of his years of scheming and manipulating will come to an end, when he dies valiantly trying to stop Thanos.

Drax: Drax has been so hellbent on revenge against Thanos that it’s made him reckless. That recklessness will catch up to him before the Infinity War is over.

Hawkeye: Easily the most expendable member of the Avengers (and, as it stands, is not included in any of the movie’s promotional materials), it stands to reason that Clint is a goner. Introducing us to his family during Age of Ultron will make his death even crueler. So, be prepared.

My predictions are likely waaaaay off. But I do strongly suspect that somebody will be a toast after the Infinity War. But whatever happens, I know for sure this will be far from the end of the MCU.