3 comments on “Coming to 2018 America

  1. Was never a fan, but, I’m happy for you. My all time favorite movie was Blade Runner. Its sequel, Blade Runner 2049, was spectacular!!! Perhaps, you will be as pleasantly surprised with your sequel, as I was with mine.

    You do need to pay more attention to your spelling, though. Since you and I both know that its “light skinneded”, we’ll chalk this one up to autodestruct. Lol. Great think piece, as always. V.

    • You know, I’ve never seen Blade Runner. I suck, right? Putting it on my to-do as we speak. Oh, and thanks for the lesson. I never knew how many “dededs” to add at the end, so I rolled the dice a bit. Excuse me: “a biteded.”

      • Lol. My list of “never” is as long as my arm. Them “dededs” CAN be tricky. Carry on. BTW, if you do see Blade Runner, you will NEED to see the first one first – otherwise, you will be lost. And . . . they are both as long as the Dickens!!! V.

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