8 comments on “Why Spy Microwaves Should Be the LEAST of Your Concerns

  1. I tell you Dre. With these people, I don’t know where the seriousness starts and the satire begins.

  2. Kellyanne Conway strikes me as someone who has spent the majority of her life in or around microwaves

  3. Worth noting: could you imagine the outrage had Trump been a democrat? Republi-CONS would have raised arms and started Civil War II by now. Yet, this this blithering idiot, they fall in line like brainless twits that put party over country

    • How does this woman still have a job? This is not an episode of Celebrity Apprentice. This is the White House and the words of a presidential advisor carry weight. She makes the National Enquirer look like a legitimate news source. More proof that the press is not Trump’s enemy. Most of this administration’s wounds are self inflicted.

  4. Goes to show how stupid this country has become that people ….. somehow, supports this clown show

  5. Give her a break… she knows what she wants to say, but them dang microwaves scrambled her brain- its a plot to make her appear as if she’s speaking drivel. It’s obvious the’ plot’ is succeeding.

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