This weekend, my beloved Wolverines lost a heart-breaker to our fiercest rivals, the Ohio State Suckeyes Buckeyes 30-27. In a dramatic, double-overtime thriller, the Buckeyes pulled off an emotional win thanks in part to highly controversial officiating. In the interest of purging that mess of a game out of my psyche forever, I won’t bother dropping links or YouTube videos elaborating any further. You can do your own research and come to your own conclusions. But let’s just say a number of people are highly upset by the game’s officiating. So much so, that an online petition is circulating in protest.

Interestingly though, the general response of the Buckeye faithful has been one of apathy. Their response is along the lines of: “We won. You lost. End of story.” Not only are they not being distracted by the noise coming from Wolverine fans, they’re seemingly embracing it. Social media has exploded with tweets and memes mocking the Michigan fanbase, its football program, and virtually anything else tied to the Maize and Blue. They’re not asking for a rematch to prove their team’s dominance. They are not owning up to the controversial nature of their win. They’ve accepted the outcome. They’re at peace with the win (largely, I would suspect, because they were the beneficiaries). They aren’t trying to prove their worth. At the end, THEY won and they know it. And now they’re focusing their energy on the next game.

What does this have to do with Donald Trump? More than you may realize.

After a long and emotionally-draining election season, Donald Trump was voted the 45th President of the United States (still trying to wrap my head around that horror show). Despite losing the popular vote by over 2 million votes (and counting), our controversial electoral system secured his win. While drawing the ire of millions of Americans – to the point that they, too, have circulated a petition – we are all still faced with the reality that come January 2017, Trump will be sworn in as the next Commander-in-Chief.

Instead of just accepting the reality of that win and getting himself into a presidential frame-of-mind, the Donald is pulling out all the stops to remove any doubt about his legitimacy as POTUS. Despite having no credible evidence to substantiate the claim, our future leader gave us this real gem of a tweet:

This, coming from the guy who WON the election. Wow.

Time and time again, the fairy tale of election fraud has been debunked. But simple things like, I dunno, facts have never stopped this man from spreading unfounded lies and rumors. But surely, actually WINNING an election would put this to rest, right? For the ordinary person? Yes. For crazed and egotistical people like Donald Trump? No chance.

This latest Trump Tweet Tirade is about his ego. Nothing more, nothing less. His arrogance and child-like temperament simply won’t allow him to accept the fact that he won with the help of the Electoral College. No. He wants to show us all that he was also the most popular candidate, even though there are no metrics to validate that claim. It’s one thing to win an election. But for Trump, being recognized as the undisputed winner is something entirely different. If fair systems dictated, the person who received the most votes in an election should win. Period. But the Electoral College creates the ultimately technicality that slaps that general principal right in the face. Losing the popular vote can still lead to winning an election. We’ve seen that outcome play out before. Like Buckeye fans who gladly accept a win (even if it’s tainted), Trump needs to take the win and shut up. Focus his energy on more pressing issues. Passing off conspiracy theories as truth aren’t going to create 2 million new voters to satisfy his ego. If anything, it’s irresponsible and un-presidential of him to perpetuate myths; especially to highly impressionable people who believe anything he can convey in 140 characters or less. Bruh, take the W and keep it moving.

Besides all of that, I find it very ironic that the same guy who boasts about using systems to his advantage is now whining about a system that got him elected.

That’s ‘Murica for you.