3 comments on “Defending Chris Darden 20 Years Later

  1. Andre,
    Thanks. That was enlightening. I did not follow the case closely at that time because I was nauseated by the press circus and how they played up the racial issues. Even so, I was surprised at the result but your explanation helps me understand what happened. But it is sad that other things, like prejudices and knee jerk reactions, had a greater influence on the outcome than the pursuit of truth and justice.

  2. Brilliantly written, humorously so, I might add. Number One Reason: Rodney King. Absolute genius! O.J. could have killed Obama AND The Pope and would still have gotten off Scot-free in that day and age (although I’m one who truly believed that O.J. didn’t do it). V.

  3. Dre, Darden’s problem was that the prosecution team basically used him as a black face (pardon the expression) to put behind white supremacy. You said it yourself. Cochran made this case less about OJ and more about police corruption. The defense was made to look like they were overlooking a racist institution like the LAPD even though they had a clear racist within their ilk. It’s basically why black people look at black Republicans with disdain.

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