6 comments on “Why the Republicans Won’t Stop Hillary

  1. Unlike the GOP, where more the primaries will do nothing but harm their unelectable baffoons, I do hope that a few strong Democratic candidates challenge her campaign. One, it would hopefully pull her to the left. Secondly, it would make it more of a challenge, as reported, so that the media will treat it with more interest than they want. The general election is not going to be anything but lots of money spent on attack ads and lies.

    • Why is everyone in the GOP a buffoon? Hillary Clinton is one of the most dishonest, corrupt, and inept leaders of the past half-century, which is say an awful lot. Secrecy, disappearing documents, and a myriad of other assorted scandals have followed her and Bill since their days in the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas. In the eyes of a liberal though, your people can do whatever they need to do to get elected but everyone in the GOP is a buffoon. Obama is one of the very worst Presidents we have ever had. Hillary was an utter embarrassment as Secretary of State. The infamous “Russian Reset” was one of the biggest diplomatic gaffes in US history. This country is clamoring for new ideas backed up by competence. I see nothing coming from the Democrats representing either of those traits. At least the GOP has several accomplished governors to offer up, and my hope is that Governor Kasich from Ohio decides to run. He was a leader in Congress and he worked with Bill Clinton to pass the last balanced budget in US history. He has also done an excellent job in the swing state of OH and was handily re-elected by a 30 point margin. Please let me know who from the Democrats can counter that type of experience? O’Malley got blown out by a Republican in the deeply blue state of Maryland. He has nothing to offer but higher taxes and more spending, none of which is palatable to the American people after the $9 trillion in new debt and anemic economic “recovery” Obama has foisted upon us.

  2. Good piece, Dre. I agree on your points, especially with Hillary capturing the female vote. Even though Romney crushed Obama on the white female vote, Obama killed him where it mattered most…with ALL females. All Hillary has to do (which is pretty likely) is win over African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and young voters, which she will likely do. The Republicans have no answer for that.

  3. We all knew she would run. The only that has a chance against her is Marco Rubio. You can’t possibly parade out Jeb Bush and hope that he can win. Marco has an ability to get some swing and undecided voters.

    Watch out for this guy.

    • Somehow I don’t think she’s worried about Rubio. Or any other Republicans for that matter.

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