5 comments on “Resolving Problems Face-to-Facebook

  1. the check is in the mail. lol! that being said, that’s exactly why I don’t do facebook or twitter and hardly ever blog these days or hardly even talk to people period. joking about the talking to people part, but seriously, I agree, if there’s a problem, take it up with that person (like we used to do on the blogs).

    • I totally agree, Sylvia! What’s actually even cool about interactions online is that you can address and resolve things without ever having to see the person. Why NOT use that approach?

  2. Hahahaha! I’m with you, Dre. Why do you need to post their stuff all over Facebook, especially the indirect stuff? These statuses are clearly directed at someone in particular. Talk to them. This is a waste of my news feed. Oh, and happy new year to you, guy. How’s married life?

  3. People who do this obviously want others to ask what’s going on. About 5% of that person’s Facebook friends will die from curiosity and cave in to ask what’s up, but the other 95% of probably know that the person is being intentionally vague for attention. It’s annoying. Egh!

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