One comment on “Tuff Love Prevails

  1. in answer to #1. I was profiled throughout my early life as a long haired hippy. Most of my friends were also. We couldn’t even drive through Grand Blanc without being pulled over. I have several friends who are bikers and have a lot of tattoos, they have been profiled too. Often, when there is an altercation, bikers are automatically seen as in the wrong before the facts are even heard. People judge on appearance. I’ve never met anyone without a preconceived notion about some group…In …my …life.. I’ve even seen it on this very site numerous times in reference to white males, tea partiers, Republicans, rich people, etc. We (white males) are profiled in our education systems daily as the root of all evil no matter our upbringing, culture or history. Let’s please stop pretending this only happens to certain groups. It’s just in a different form.

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