3 comments on “Money Wasted and Casting the First Stone

  1. Oprah earns her money, and she has every right to spend it the way she sees fit. Open and shut case. But leave it up to liberals and mainstream media to tell people how to spend THEIR money.

  2. What’s probably ironic is that the saleslady probably couldn’t afford the bag herself

  3. This was so on point Dre, someone on NPR said it today, something along the lines of a $38,000 bag for Oprah is like spending $9.99 at Target for her…. What she didn’t acknowledge though, is that for a lot of people 9.99 to spend on something however frivolous (or not) at Target, is a luxury. So yeah, there is always someone in more dire straits, but we all do the spend/splurge thing within the confines of our socio-economic status.

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