I preface this post by acknowledging that the following “experiments” are hardly scientific. There is something valuable to be said about the importance of effective sampling strategies and properly using inferential statistics to reach conclusions that extend beyond the data available to you. But these two clips tell a pretty convincing story about how women are – sad to say – the more intelligent of the genders. Fellas, read ’em and weep:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Yes, it’s true that the sample size of the male respondents is significantly smaller than the female respondents. But a 50% success rate in asking 14 random men for sex versus a 0% – I repeat – ZERO PERCENT success rate in asking almost 10 times as many random women? Wow. Can’t argue with the numbers.

Women think with their heads. Men think with…well, you know…the other one. *facepalm*