6 comments on ““Not Guilty”: The Worthlessness of Black Life

  1. I’m curious Dre: how do you feel about the idea that the prosecution lost this case on purpose? I’ve heard some conspiracy theorists saying that. I thought they sucked. I also felt there was a miscarriage of justice. But I hardly didn’t think it was a conspiracy.

  2. Zimmerman called 911 because he saw a black male at night. Martin was committing no crime other than existing but Zimmerman (and apparently the jury) found that suspicious. That’s how it started. Everything else snowballs from that. There is massive fear and hatred of black people, especially young black males, that is always bubbling just beneath the surface. The eliminationist rhetoric emanating from the Right is quite revealing.

    As I wrote elsewhere and will slightly modify here the real solution is for people to teach their children that every human being deserves to be judged and treated on an individual basis, even black males. But unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be happening.

    So….If a person is going to be treated as a criminal regardless of whether they are one or not, regardless of whether they are armed or not, the only solution is for more black people to start carrying guns to defend themselves. Because although skittles, cell phones, and wallets are seen as dangerous weapons by white racists, they do not in fact provide the ability to defend.

  3. Having fear as a new parent is normal regardless of the gender or culture they are being born into. Therefore, if we are diligent with being a positive and purposeful parent our children will be successful, regardless of what society says or does. For me, I accepted the reality a long time ago that I cannot control, but only influence, what happens to my children or any other person when it concerns their time to die. My faith in God’s will is what helps me to receive whatever fate that may come our way.

    Trayvon Martin’s undeserving death is ANOTHER opportunity to raise the veil a few more degrees higher to reveal America’s societal and governmental flaws and hypocrisy. No country or culture is without them, but since this country was developed using terror to grow its society ignorance and disrespect are unfortunately ingrained into our fabric along with independence and opportunities. His death has also widened the lines of communication between various cultures found mainly in America, blacks and whites. Slowly but surely we as Americans are honestly talking and listening to one another across culture lines. In my opinion, there is only one race and that is the human race, therefore all that we are and become is the culture(s) that we connect with the most.

    As a mother of a black boy I relish the moments when he asks questions about who, what, why, and where … I love listening to his thoughts. It is in those moments that I can impart knowledge and wisdom to him because he is open to receive it at that time instead of a lecture out of the blue. My son is learning to discern right from wrong based on what I share and discuss with him. What an awesome influence and opportunity that us parents have!! My son is a communicator by nature so all I can do is pray WITH him plus communicate WITH him to help shape his identity, self-esteem and compassion for others. Of course I pray for him and over him, but I want him to be able to do so for himself as well… and that is the greatest gift that you can give your child… the ability to love the skin they’re in.

    Trayvon did not go down without a fight and we can thank his parents for that!

  4. Perhaps the reason so many young people of color (is that the correct term? I get confused.) suffer is because of the breakdown of the family, sexual promiscuity promoted by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and easy access to abortion, morning after pills, etc. Public schools playing mommy and daddy are having a terrible effect on families. Jesse Lee Patterson (a black man, I should point out) said the exact same thing.

    As far as Trayvon Martin, please get your facts up to date. He was in a community that had been vandalized by Black teenagers and was high on pot–acting suspiciously. Mr. Zimmerman made the mistake of getting out of his car and was attacked by Trayvon Martin and viciously beaten. Remember that he was tried and found NOT GUILTY in court. Florida has a law that allows you to defend yourself and that is what happened. I would hope this teacher and all the other liberals would put color aside and look at this with the blind eyes of justice instead of making it a racial problem.

  5. You’re right: nothing to see here. And I weep for this country because of it.

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