11 comments on “The Purge: What Would You Do?

  1. I would probably be holed up at home, shotgun in hand for the duration. Close to 100% certain that I’d have no desire to participate. Although the thoughts about what I could do may be present, the urge would surely be absent. V.

    • I have to agree with blackstarr. I’d more than likely stay home. Call me a purist, but people who would do bad things probably have bad things in them anyway. One day out of the year wouldn’t be enough for those kind of folks.

    • I guess that makes three of us. I can’t think of a doggone thing I would do. No crime I can imagine would serve any benefit to me in the long term. In fact, I think it would set ME up to be a purge victim the next time around. It’s a good question, though. And maybe the thought that somebody could legally kill us would make us more likely to treat other right the other days of the year.

      • I’m with KC, anything I’d do would probably mean my time would come around in the future. These things tend to be karmic. I DO however, know who I’d take out so it’s probably best that I’m not given a get-out-of-jail free card to do it. Thought-provoking movie!

  2. I have some thoughts on what I would do. But I’m not having anybody round me up. Especially with the NSA spying on us.

    • Oh, yes. The government spying on us. Your precious Obama doesn’t seem so golden now, does he?

    • …and the trolls come out once again. Moron, do you REALLY think the government JUST starting spying on people? Um, remember the Patriot Act that your boy signed into law? How soon the wingnuts forget.

    • Which totally reminds me: if the Purge was real, I have an idea on who I’D take out.

  3. this is one movie i passed on. i hope the world really never comes to this (though sometimes it seems as if we’re already here), but if it were real, i’d definitely be hiding out during purge time.

  4. I finally saw the movie this weekend. Didn’t do much for me. What I don’t get is why is having the purge, the unemployment rate decreased to 1%? Crime makes people get work or want to work?

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