4 comments on “How To Keep Your Social Networking Friends (That is, if you even want them)

  1. You might add “don’t invite friends to play your games with you”, unless you are certain that they already play. Great post, as usual. V.

    • Oh, God yes. If I get ONE MORE invitation to play Farmville, I’m liable to strangle somebody.

  2. and this is why i don’t do facebook friends, twitter, etc. i took down my blog a while back because of lack of time to do it, but those were simpler times. technology brings with it lots of rules and do’s and don’t’s, so for now, i’ll just leave comments here and be done with it.

  3. Indeed, I took my Facebook page down a few months ago and can’t even tell you how good it felt! I did it thinking I’d give more time to writing letters (yep – as in ‘snail mail’ – remember those?) and I’ve sent out a few but not as many as I’d hoped. I also wanted to have more time for my blog but that hasn’t happened yet either. You know what has? Feeling peace in my spirit. I’m no longer plagued by thoughts like, “hmm…now how would I write up a status post about that?” Still, not saying I’m gone for good but right now it just feels good. As always, you’ve listed some excellent food for thought here, Dre, in case I’m ever back on! xo

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