17 comments on “Paging Dr. Racism…?

  1. quick points. the hospital has an obligation first to its patients.. as racist as this man’s request was.. the hospital was obligated to meet his request.. hurley has another obligation… to its employees who work tirelessly in service to this community.. does the nurse have standing? yes… she was prejudiced against by her employer… the fact that hurley had to give in to such a request questions her ability to do what she has been hired to do… all she has to do is present work reports that show she has performed at a satisfactory level prior to this effed up situation… if the cracker had the ability to pay for exclusive care… holding his beliefs… he would have done so… if he knew his sordid history he would know that his child was in the best of care in the arms of a black woman… i hope she wins…..

    • That’s the thing, Eric. I’m not sure Hurley did anything wrong toward the nurse. She’s still employed there. Her pay wasn’t affected. Her performance wasn’t called into question. She was just reassigned from one patient to another. I think the racial component is getting everyone (the nurse, especially) up in arms. But the reality is: all that happened was that her work rotation was minimally interrupted by some racist asshole. Like, what kind of dollar amount would she ask for? She didn’t lose any pay, her seniority, her benefits, etc. The only leg she has to stand on is “pain and suffering”, and we know how ridiculously un-quantifiable that is.

  2. I think you’re absolutely correct, Dre. As much as it pains me to support the rights of a racist buffoon, he was well within his rights to ask for another nurse. And unless the hospital actually did something discriminatory to the nurse to the point where she was oppressed, she shouldn’t try to pin “racial discrimination” charges on them. Like crying wolf.

    • I agree, KC. This lawsuit is pretty frivolous to me. At what point do the patients’ rights come into play here? The nurse felt slighted, I get that. But the hospital was only acting on the patient’s request.

  3. The biggest loser in this whole sad ordeal the baby. First, there’s the very real possibility on missing out on care from a nurse with 25 years experience in neonative care. But more importantly, I can only imagine what kind of racism and bigotry he’s going to be exposed to growing up. It may be the man’s right to be a bigot, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to like it.

  4. Good for the nurse. I’m not mad at you, girl! Once again we see racist behavior comes at an expensive price.Good luck to the nurse and thank you for taking action to give others pause who will acquiesce to racist assholes.

  5. Like it or not, the father has a right to his beliefs. The hospital was right in honoring his request. It’s funny: liberals want everybody to be “culturally sensitive” to other people. But when somebody says or does something they don’t like, it’s a problem. It’s OK for people to be forced to accept gay marriage, but not OK for a person like this man to request white nurses. More to the point, it’s OK to honor a Muslim woman’s requests about a man not touching her, but this man is somehow a problem. I’m not condoning this man’s behavior. But if you’re going to respect the rights of one group, you have to respect the rights of EVERYONE. Isn’t that what “equality” is all about?!

    • Troll alert! Troll alert! Josh, quit spewing your nonsense. And Andre, I’m very surprised that you’d post the drivel in your video. You’re being too open-minded for your own good.

      I agree the father has a right to believe what he wants. But the Hospital has a right to ensure it’s employees are treated fairly and without discrimination. Uh, Civil Rights Act, anyone?! I predict this nurse will the lawsuit – as she should. I only hope the hospital learns its lesson for handling the situation so unjustly and so unprofessionally.

  6. The father is a total douche. Having said that, if they had NOT honored his request, he more than likely would have forced his wife to give birth at home, putting her and the baby in danger. Then HE’D have the ability to sue for the hospital “refusing” to treat his wife and kid. I think the nurse should be more devoted to her job to protect that baby AT ALL COSTS, including having to deal with racist moronic crap like this. After all, the baby didn’t ask to have a POS for a father. The nurse needs a thicker skin, or she should at LEAST sue the right person, and that happens to be the racist dad. Sue him for inflicting trauma through his racism. At LEAST put him in as an unnamed co-defendant, since HIPAA regulations will not allow you to name him by name.

    • Thicker skin?! Thicker skin?!

      How about when you are considered sub-human by other people because of the color of your skin, YOU talk to me again about growing a thicker skin. smdh.

      Clueless …

  7. As a white person, I don’t accommodate racism in any form ever (occasionally, to my detriment), why should this nurse? Tolerating racism is cowardice and only serves to perpetuate the disease it is.

  8. The hospital didn’t fire her. They obviously didn’t refuse to hire her, so EEO has nothing to go on here. Just because the patient was a racist a-hole is not the hospital’s problem. Yes, they attempted to honor the patient (the father)’s request, but probably should have marked the charts as “Father is a racist” instead.

    While I’d normally stick up for the plaintiff in these sort of cases, this time I’m going to have to side with the hospital, and hope when the suit is done and settled they dismiss this Battle person without a reference.

  9. The hospital set a potentially dangerous precedent by acquiescing to the racist dad’s request. They should thank goodness that the nurse complained and is suing them, otherwise they might’ve found themselves agreeing to all manner of such requests from various groups in the future, and it’s performance and frankly its ability to provide care would’ve suffered. Would it have to hire nurses and physicians representative of every ethnic or religious group served, to ensure that all such requests, by anybody, could be met? Catholic nurses for Catholics, Baptist nurses for Baptists, gay nurses for gays, attractive nurses for models, unattractive ones for the self-conscious? It might never end.

  10. I’m guessing none of you have ever worked in a hospital. Hospitals are there to cater to the needs of the patients and families, including any requests made by the patient/family. I’ve worked in a hospital for years now as an RN, and some people ask for the craziest things, and we have to comply, because just like walmart or a denny’s, a hospital is a business. While I don’t agree with the father’s beliefs at all, he’s the customer, not her. She’s just one greedy bastard trying to grasp money, and not only do I hope she loses, but I hope this ruins whatever life this succubus created for herself. Using your own race for financial gain? What a piece of @!$%#. Maybe she should know, as a so called “hospital professional” that she shouldn’t hold this higher-than-thou chip on her shoulders. “Oh my feelings were hurt because I couldn’t take care of a baby” People like her deserve to rot. p.s. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as racist if a black dad asked no white nurses to touch his baby. And some black people wonder why white people find them disgusting.. Hmmm, I wonder?

    • exactly. While I won’t go so far as to call the nurse a greedy bastard, she has no standing on which to sue since the hospital staff and administration had no choice but to agree to the wishes of the parent. It’s the same if this father had walked into a hospital and demanded to be treated by a white doctor or nurse. As a patient or blood relation of that patient, the hospital has no choice but to agree to the conditions requested by the patient, as long as they are without reason and won’t endanger the safety of other patients or the hospital staff.

      I just don’t see this nurses lawsuit going anywhere. Any attorney will probably tell her that she has no standing on which to file a lawsuit. She may be repulsed by the behavior of the parent in this case, but that was a decision that was out of the control of the hospital.

    • First of all, the hospital was absolutely wrong in their actions. This nurse had decades of experience, and that’s the kind of nurse I’d want taking care of my newborn in NICU. The hospital mentions the fact that there was concern about staff safety because of this man’s tattoos? No, not so much.

      This man and his wife needed to be presented with a set of facts: 1) what they were requesting was patently discriminatory and put the hospital in an untenable legal & ethical position; 2) restricting their child’s health care to only those with white skin would potentially put their child at risk in case of emergency, because nurses take care of ALL the NICU children, not just those with white skin; 3) if the family could not see their way clear to allowing all qualified NICU personnel to take part in the care of their child, then they would be welcome to transfer their baby (at their own expense, since I doubt that racial prejudice is grounds for transferring a NICU baby to another hospital).

      Frankly, this hospital abrogated it’s ethical and legal responsibility to it’s own staff member, one who’s worked there for over 25 years. If this law suit hangs them out to dry, then so be it, because, frankly, whoever made the decisions about this issue at the top of their hospital food chain should have been fired yesterday.

  11. Excellent commentary as always, Andre, from both yourself and your readers. I would only voice caution in having the assumption that viewers and readers will already know what is being intimated. I did not hear you name the race of the man who requested the African American nurse be removed. The viewer is left to ‘assume’ that this man was white when he could have been any other color as well. Leaving this for the assumption of the listener implies that “of course this man was white” when no race has a monopoly on racism. The only clue given was the phrase “Nazi baby” which again, could mean anything but I as the listener can make the assumption this person was white due to the Aryan pride that Nazism was based on. I would however, use caution when involving the children. This is an adult issue about race complicated by class and gender since Hurley Medical Center caters to the working class population of Flint and the person who made this request was a man. He was clearly unenlightened and indeed a bigot, regardless of his color. However, if one side is going to be given full disclosure, the other side should as well and by not naming his race or other details, he is actually being afforded a level of gender privilege since all has not been fully disclosed about him. The woman has been fully disclosed (‘she’ is is a nurse, a woman and an African American. ‘He’ is a man. No race or occupation given.). Perhaps this is also what the newspapers and newscasters have done as well, made these assumptions, but they must be unpacked. Thanks for shedding light on these issues that happen in Flint and in other parts of the country too as you do here on the Unmitigated Word. Whether or not we agree – and on this matter, we do, I just think full disclosure is important – you always leave me with something to think about, Andre. Thanks for the work you do!

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