I’m sure by now you’ve already heard the news about Chris Dorner, from when he first made the news by killing three people in a vendetta against the LAPD, to his fiery death (???) the other day. My quick (and final) thoughts:

  • First, did you read ole dude’s manifesto? Whoa. Talk about a page turner. His manifesto to me is what 50 Shades of Grey is to just about every woman I know. It was morbid, but entertaining. Cryptic, but transparent. Telling, but weird. He gave shout outs to everybody from celebrities to folks in the media (liberal, mostly. More on that later). He criticized and protected the President, and gave first hand accounts of incidents that took place on the job. I believe a lot of what he said was true. Of all the law enforcement agencies in the country, the LAPD is by far the most corrupt. I’m not disputing that…or the cathartic need Dorner may have had to blow the whistle. Good for him…in that respect.
  • Secondly, however, let’s not conflate the ideas of being a hero and being a terrorist. If any of you ninjas are martyring Dorner as a hero, you need your head examined…after the rest of us smack the mess out of you. This man is NO hero. He’s a killer. Plain and simple. As of today, four innocent people are dead at his hands. Rather than taking an opportunity to expose the corruption we all know exists within the ranks of the LAPD, this fool decided to go Django Unchained on people. The way to confront “injustice” is not by killing innocents, especially folks that could have been any one of our people.
  • If there was ever a time not to be B3 (big, black, and bald) in America, it would’ve been this month. I can only imagine how B3’s in California were feeling when the manhunt for Dorner was announced. I mean, the LAPD are out there shooting up old Latino ladies. What makes you think they would think twice before shooting our black asses?
  • Speaking of which, all these clowns offered the victims was another truck to replace the one they shot up? Who does that? The LAPD, that’s who. I hope these ladies’ lawyer has a field day with them.
  • LL Cool J would make theeeee perfect Dorner in a Lifetime Movie. Oh, you know it’s coming.
  • You normally won’t find me agreeing the conservatives. But as I mentioned earlier, Dorner’s manifesto was decidedly pro-liberal, stemming from his support of Obama to his praise and adoration of several liberal news personalities. If Dorner was a white dude going on a similar rant as Tea Party supporter, praising Fox News personalities, the headlines would reach much, much differently. I’m sorry: you can’t argue with that one. You know it’s true.

All these thoughts notwithstanding, I’m done with this conversation. People are dead, guns are still dangerous, and the LAPD is still corrupt. What could have a been a significant step toward addressing a huge problem involving corruption and institutional racism is now tucked away in the country’s psyche as a bizarre example of a maverick (pardon the term) and violent enemy of the public. Another wasted opportunity to motivate change.

Welp. On to the next thing.

So, do you guys have any thoughts on this Dorner incident or should we just put this to bed? Holla at me!