6 comments on “Dorner the Rogue: My Quick (And Final) Thoughts

  1. I agree with much of what you said, including the LLCool J -plug. When I first saw his picture and story, I was like “why are the police looking for LLCool J.” Hopefully, something constructive will come out of this.

  2. Believe it or not, I actually first read about this story on Twitter. From there, I followed the news outlets for coverage (you’re 100% correct, by the way. There’s CLEAR media bias. But I won’t go there today. For now, welcome to the side of the good guys). Anyway, I was blown away by how much support this guy received. It was sickening. Like cheering for Timothy McVeigh.

    • Timothy McVeigh?! Ummmmm, get carried away much? Not dismissing what he did, but he’s certainly no McVeigh. 4 people vs. 170 people (including children) and over 800 injuries? Try again, wingnut.

    • Riiiiight! Leave it up to you to play the numbers game. Whether it’s four or 200, innocent people are dead. But if you REALLY want to play this game, how many babies get killed everyday due to the abortions you liberals openly support? Who’s the REAL terrorist?

    • Hi Josh,

      I don’t have a Twitter account and I honestly don’t even go on there. What were people saying in support of Dorner? From interactions with some people, they’ve talked about how bad the LAPD was, but never about how good Dorner was.

  3. I don’t condone him shooting innocent folk, but I sure don’t condone this facade the LAPD’s put on. What’s especially sad about this situation is that the so-called “good guys” in this situation are the ones shooting first and asking questions later.

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