6 comments on “Why People Love Scandal

  1. Yes, I love Scandal. And yes I shop at Walmart. Sue me. LOL!

    People root for Liv and Fitz because Mellie evil and annoying. But what makes show forgivable is that it’s fiction, not like those silly “reality shows.” And contrary to what you said, the show actually has GREAT writing and plots that make reserved and otherwise sane women yell out loud with pleasure. The chemistry that Liv and The POTUS has is magnetic.

    You can have your Walking Dead and it’s brainless zombies. The fans, not the ones on the show. LOL!

  2. Oh come on, Dre. I’m calling BS on this one. Your opposition to this show is either about a woman being the showstopper or that it’s a BLACK woman. Don Draper has been sleeping around and cheating on his wives for five seasons of Mad Men, and he’s a hero but Olivia Pope is somehow ratchet? You mentioned Sons of Anarchy. Jax is an outlaw and people worship him. I don’t think it’s hypocritical to be entertained by a TV show even if it’s protagonist is “ratchet.” Besides, there wouldn’t be any drama if all of the characters were nuns.

  3. I think that’s where I disagree with y’all. Sure, I like shows like Dexter and Sons of Anarchy who have characters that are arguably unscrupulous. But I’m not specifically celebrating the aspect of their character that makes them flawed or “ratchet.” I hear some of my friends actually CHEERING for Pope during her affair. “Yeah, girl. Cheat with him!” What, what, what…?!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with Scandal, but there is something wrong with people who don’t think it’s a good show because it’s doesn’t fall into their idea of how a strong black woman should carry herself. There are plenty of gorgeous beautiful strong black women out there who don’t have big butts and don’t have to swirl their necks or fingers in order to be heard.

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