7 comments on “The Case for Legalizing Weed

  1. What I’m still waiting for in this argument is someone to convince me that my health and happiness, along with everyone else who has an illness that using medicinal marijuana would relieve, that our pain and suffering are less an important subject matter than YOUR INABILITY TO RAISE UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO! My goodness, I have to suffer so you can have a government nanny to keep your children safe from a drug that has very few side effects? I see this drug as a great TOOL but the government has rewritten the narrative to say that it’s only a TOY!

    And guess what? Your kids could waste their lives away with video games, movies et all even WITHOUT drugs. It’s happening. Here’s a hint: it isn’t so much the drug that leads to self-destructive behavior.

  2. I don’t know how a post which starts with the line “tap[ping] into my inner hippie…” could get an agreement from me, but I somehow agree with everything in this post. What the heck is wrong is with? lol

  3. Pot is illegal because it can’t be regulated, and therefore can’t be profitable to the government. Underground production/trade is already well established and can’t be broken up by legislation. That cuts into whatever trade they could have. It doesn’t hurt that there are no power and influential pot lobbyists…at least not with the same leverage as pharmaceutical companies, the people who TRULY push the harmful drugs.

  4. I also believe the illegal status of weed makes no sense. I totally agree that it is hypocritical and illogical to ban weed an allow the sale of tobacco which is probably more dangerous. Hence, I think the only logical thing to do apart from legalising weed is to ban tobacco as well.

  5. Hey Dre,
    I’m going to do something you’ll never hear me do again-quote Jimmy Carter (who I consider the worst president since Hoover), “The punishment for a crime shouldn’t cause more harm to society than the crime itself.” A true moment of clarity for Jimmy.

  6. I can’t believe that on THIS post, I’d be the one in arguing the other way and Josh is the one agreeing. Strange world.

    Anyway, the argument for legalizing drugs is like saying owning a hydrogen bomb shouldn’t be illegal but blowing up a city should be. If drugs become part of a culture then they are nearly impossible to monitor and control. Look at what happened with heroine during and after Vietnam. Look at alcohol (which I think is worse than weed) and prohibition. Look at tobacco. Yeah, I get the whole “individual freedom” thing. But you have to consider that ALL individual decisions still affect society as a whole. I bet if you asked that thug who just robbed you what personal decisions he made to lead down his path, you’d be surprised by the answer. And you’ll probably kick yourself for it.

    BTW, sticking your tongue on a hot oven range or using laundry detergent as a sugar substitute in your coffee might not be illegal, but if you do it you will probably find yourself in a loony bin.

  7. America has, and always will be divided into two major groups: those who think the basis of government is to maintain morality, and those who think the basis of government is to provide a balance between the rich and the poor. Both require big government. Democrats want big government to protect the middle class and poor from the exploitative nature of the rich and the oligarchy. Republicans want big government to protect the nation from falling into complete hedonism. The right believes human beings are predisposed to immoral pursuits; the left believes when human beings are “too” successful, they are predisposed to exploit people who aren’t. The only difference between both sides, is one is honest about wanting big government, while the other side flat out lies about it.

    Drugs are an aspect of hedonistic culture; certainly drugs can be used for medical purposes just like an Ipad can be used for academics and education; however the wide appeal of drugs is for pleasure, just like the wide appeal of Ipads is for games. Of course, things like alcohol and cigarettes are also pleasurable items, the difference is that, there’s a lot of money backing them up, unlike marijuana. There is no corporation backing marijuana. And to be honest, the people who actually make money from marijuana, don’t want it to be corporate.

    When you have big government, you only get stuff when you can get it’s attention. In order to get the attention of big business you have to have money, it doesn’t matter how many people you have. When SOPA got killed, it wasn’t because the people were against the RIAA, it was because Silicon Valley had more $$$. And it’s going to be the same with people who want drugs to be legalized.

    However, there are a lot of cons of legalizing drugs. Since we have big government, the only way one would be able to deal drugs legally, would be by having a license. That will lead to an increase in prices of drugs. Also, a lot of people who do make money off of drugs and who sell it, will be put out of business. Higher prices and lesser supply.

    The dealers don’t want it legalized and the prison industrial complex doesn’t want it legalized. The people who do want it legalized, don’t have any money. So as far I see, nothing is going to change anytime soon.

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