9 comments on “Why I’m A Horrible Person

  1. Well hey, Self-realization is said to be the existence of an authentic self which has been discovered by psychological or spiritual self-striving. Its The maturing of one’s ego. So, I guess this post had more good than bad? (Lol)

  2. #5 = So boss! I love it! I’m not that good at lying on my feet (probably both a good AND bad thing). But at least you live by a code and only do that in certain situations.

    • “But at least you live by a code and only do that in certain situations.”

      Riiiiiiight! And Dexter has a code too. LOL!

  3. Since we’re all being honest here, I’m pretty evil myself. I invite friends and family members to events or on trips I know they can’t make it do due to their financial issues, not being able to find a babysitter, work conflicts, etc. That way I have a good rebuttal when the accuse me of not hanging out with them. I guess I need prayer too. LOL!

    • Hey J.Alex,
      I’m with ya bro. I can’t stand cats! Mine (my wife’s actually) throws up fur balls that look like bile covered crap and then I step in it first thing in the morning. It gets on my counters with it’s cats**t covered feet and eats through packages left out. My whole house stinks of cat! This is apparently normal cat behavior. How can people like these disgusting filthy animals? There are good cats though, I see them all the time squished on the side of the road (Andre’s work I presume).

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