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  1. I don’t think it is. In fact, I think both Mitt and Willard are weird. I’m just going off what Obama himself has says. He’s called himself “the skinny kid with the funny name.”

  2. I think I agree with everything except for maybe #2, well part of it…. it’s my understanding (a la NPR) that Gov. Romney actually won the independent vote, while the president held on to his base and had even more Latino support…. Although of course those fringe elements turned people off anyway.

  3. Hey Dre,
    I was going to save this for a later post and I didn’t want to be accused of “sour grapes” so soon. However, here goes.
    To start with, the idea that this was some kind of indictment of the Republican Party is complete and utter B.S..
    The Democrats won 2 senate seats and the presidency (barely by the popular vote, and 6-7% less than 2008, I wouldn’t exactly call that a ringing endorsement of his presidency or his policies), add on another 5 or so seats in the house (which was my prediction) and you have a very,very modest win at best. On the other side, the Republicans held the House easily, gained a governor http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/06/politics/governor-races/index.html and shot down EVERY PRO UNION PROPOSAL across the country. By contrast, the Dems lost 63 house seats and 5 Senate seats in the last election and for some reason, that WASN’T an indictment of the Democrat policies and positions. This is just leftist media driven B.S.. They said all the same things after 2008 only to have their a** handed to them in 2010 in record fashion. The truth is; the Republican didn’t show as expected (some told me they didn’t vote because they felt the economy was going to implode either way and didn’t want Romney to take the blame) on top of that, Dems DID show better than expected. It’s as simple as that. Add 5% to the Republican participation and everything changes.
    Now let me go down your list:
    1) Well, that’s clearly the case as Obama won those states.
    2) That’s the media plain and simple. They jumped like vultures on anything that anyone in the Republican Party said while completely ignoring gaffes like Biden saying, “the middle class has been buried for the past two years. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/259741-biden-middle-class-has-been-buried Or, nutty left wing groups like Votewithyourvagina.com (how insulting is that ladies? Can you imagine Vote with your dick?) They buried stories like Benghanzi, refused to report on Fast and Furious, covered for Barack at every crisis and reported on the 162,000 jobs created in September and then ignored when the real number came in at a reduced 148,000.http://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.us.htm They could have butchered the Dems the same way, but they didn’t. They covered for Barack at every turn.
    3) The Hispanic population voting more and more Dem forever is a fantasy. Your media never, ever mentions one fact (convieniently)-they, along with other minorities like Asians are getting older and more conservative. Yes , for now their mediam age is 28, but there is no good evidence that won’t change and older Hispanics are far more conservative. I would make one case if I were the Republicans (and you can call me racist if you like) to the Hispanics, “Are the Democrats really helping blacks by destroying their families, their schools. their cities and making them more and more dependent? And do you want that for your children?”
    4) This one pisses me off. The level of dishonesty was off the charts. Of all the things President Obama and his surrogates did, this was the worst. Redifining rape (which was a proposal by Ryan for Federaly funded abortions only) which was portrayed as changing normal rape law. Incredibly dishonest. Invasive ultrasounds-they made it sound like they would come to you home and rape you with an endoscopic when 98% of planned parenthood already does it for the safety of the women. This was fearmongering, obfuscating and gender division at it’s worst. It was this kind of disgusting divisive politics that drove me away from Barack. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was with the whole tone of his campaign on division.
    5) The auto bailout definately hurt Romney. It helped that the media played right along that Romney wanted to liquidate GM and Chrysler and that Obama never put them in bankruptcy..Untrue, but the message didn’t get out thanks to a complicate media.http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/mar/21/barack-obama/president-barack-obama-campaign-video-says-auto-co/
    6) Again, the media played right along. Even as people were suffering with no generators, no water, no electricity it was portrayed as Obama shows up, hugs Christy and everything is saved-B.S. They didn’t find problems because they didn’t even look.
    7) Again, it was hunting season on Republicans and closed season on Democrats. NPR= Never Promote Republicans. You find what you look for.
    8) No it’s Not! Fitch announced yesterday another downgrade of the US economy-Is that because it’s better?? Btw, Nice move holding that off because they,”Didn’t want to effect the election.” This entire economy is propped up by artifical means like QE 1, 2, and 3 and stimulous programs. Reality is going to set in soon now that the elections are over and your going to be stunned at how bad it REALLY is. Of course, there will be more blame shifting which is what I expect for the next 4 years just like it was under Granholm.
    9) That kind of spying is what lead to Watergate. offensive under Nixon, accepted under Obama. It did hurt Romney though. You right on that count.
    10) Short answer, a $1 billion dollar slander campaign and a complicate media worked. Romney was disqualified by negative campaigning. I still don’t know what is going to be any different from the last 4 years or why I should expect different results.

    Anyway, that was my take, sorry I planned to let everyone enjoy their win for a few more days. President Obama IS my president and I’ll pray for him to succeed everyday. I’m sticking with “Hope and Change”. I’m going to “Hope” President Obama will “Change”. If not, the next 4 will look like the last 4 with blame and excuses for all the mediocre results.

    • Dude, you sound a little like sour grapes to me. Obama was reelected despite the stage being set in Republican favor. That means something. Your anecdotal example about your friends is just that, anecdotal. I know Repubs (myself included btw) that didn’t vote for Romney because he didn’t seem to have a plan that makes sense.

      This reminds me of when Hillary supporters were in an uproar because Obama won the nomination. Romney, like Hillary lost because they didn’t have the better campaign. Despite having a lot in their favor.

      And as far as Congress, once again, this should have been a good year. But when people who should have won lose, or those that do, like Michelle Bachman, barely squeek by a win, it points to larger issues.

      You may disagree, (in fact you do) but your arguments sound like moving targets, and I don’t think they are what the Republican party needs moving forward. Republicans won big in 2010 when their message of fiscal responsibility took center stage. This time around, “left-wing media” or not, too many of them put their foots in their mouths. As a woman I am truly offended by some of the things that candidates said and the way they behaved (and I’m not even talking about the biggest offender, Murdoch, who although got his tongue all twisted, I think I understand what he was trying to say).

      Bottom line, no more excuses, ee need to wake up and smell the coffee and get our House in order before 2016.

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  5. Hey Nuralgamr,
    Well, I did say I wanted to wait longer to comment just so it wouldn’t be seen as “sour grapes”. However, you’re exactly right, my comment about my friend was anecdotal and was only a small part of my explaination. I guess my main complaint was a complicate media that went after all these Republicans that you point out like vultures -ignoring comments by Democrats while seeking them out by Republicans. It’s a very old trick. You find the A**holes, (every group has them) and then make them emblematic of the whole group. In the past we did this to blacks, women, gays, Jews, etc. and I thought it was wrong then and I think it’s wrong now. When I see the Democrats wrapped in excuses and dividing the populous against one group (white males, no matter the code words) and then telling them to get their “revenge” by voting, I get very disturbed. It’s frightening to see the kind of politics that was used in the old Willie Horton ads used in this day and age. You say your a woman, well, as a woman you should agree that sexism against women is best seen by women, not men. As a white male, I can tell you that I saw racism and sexism used against me to win votes. That you, or black people, or Hispanics or gays didn’t see it is only true to all of history. It’s not really “sour grapes” that you’re seeing-it’s shock at a nation voting for a campaign designed to turn women against men, blacks against whites, instead of uniting a nation to cure our very real problems, like our debt. Which I promise, will destroy our country long before Climate Change, lack of birth control, or immigration.

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