5 comments on “Round II Goes Obama. Maybe.

  1. Gee, Andre, you sound so pessimistic! 😉 I think Obama edged out Romney, who, at times, seemed to almost lose his composure. The second debate was entertaining. Let’s see what happens in round three.

  2. The big pretender of fairness sitting behind that central desk closed down the Romney thought pattern 80 times by rude unfair interjections and in the most appalling world watched display of debating cheating, saved Obama’s denial by rewriting the meaning of his lost sentence and single meaningless context word uttered in the rose garden of prickly Libyan Ambassadors thorns. Romney should have debased them both as hypocritical truth benders and told Obama his friend the Ambassador deserves a better truth for his demise than his Commander duck shoving blame to a video from the Rose Garden.

  3. I’m not really sure why it is that if CNN and the rest of the left stream media says President Obama won it must be true. Every conservative, Hannity, Rush, Foxnews, etc. says Romney won, but I’m not buying into that either. I guess people see what they want to see. To me, it looked God-awful. Two clowns dancing around trying to out Macho each other. A disgrace to our system. Obama made the most points, only because he was talking over Romney throughout. Candy did a terrible job at moderating (she didn’t “moderate” anything), she interjected herself in a debate and then had to admit she was wrong http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/conscience-conservative/2012/oct/16/candy-crowley-lies-during-debate-obama-never-said-/ Romney made more traction by getting things like the bankruptcy-through-Obama truth out http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/mar/21/barack-obama/president-barack-obama-campaign-video-says-auto-co/ Fast and Furious, and his Blind Trusts. Google showed a flury of searches for both those terms, something Obama does not want people understanding. It’s very important to understand why this election is not going to be as close to the polls as many of you may think (I’m giving Romney +2% points across the board). There’s going to be some Bradley effect, the polls are skewed as I’ve explained before, men are way down on Obama’s side (12+ points) and all we’re talking about is women. I can’t find a constituency that Barack is doing better on, the Jews will stay home, there has been evidence of a “wife effect” that shows men are lying about their preference rather than fight with their girlfriends/wives. Add to that the fact the Rasmussen poliing (the closest of all polls in the past 3 cycles) is showing a +4% advantage for Romney and it’s starting to look like some of you are whistling in the graveyard. It’s still very fluid and I’m not ready to project a winner, but if you believe this is Obama’s race…..you need to open up your sources. I’m ready for the “they cheated” excuses particularly in Ohio.

  4. *that’s the GM “bankruptcy-through-Obama.” that most people on the left don’t even know happened.

  5. Words fail me. Well, actually they don’t. Here are a few: Right at the beginning of the crisis, long before the people now advising Romney were even willing to admit that there was a problem, there was a debate between two ideas: that deep recessions were always followed by fast, V-shaped recoveries, and that financial-crisis recessions — which pushed monetary policy up against the zero lower bound — were followed by slow, “jobless” recoveries.

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