2 comments on “Mitt Romney: Master Debater

  1. Hey Dre,
    President Obama DID NOT LOSE!! He was given a valium or xanax to calm him down (since he’s so high strung) and they gave him too much. He was also not acclimated to the higher altitude. He recieved some disturbing news that we can’t share with you that troubled and distracted him. He had to be careful that he wasn’t viewed as an Angry Black Man so he was afraid to confront Romney’s aggressive whiteness. And finally, Romney lied his a** off and President Obama didn’t expect that from a man he’s described as lying, cheating, shape-shifter for the past 6 months. Geez Dre, don’t you watch the Left-Stream Media? The truth is, President Obama is a awesome speaker, not a great debater. Go back and watch the 2008 debates, Hillary kicked him around pretty good. He was not impressive there either.

  2. Not a single argument from me, HipCon. I’ve been listening to all the excuses libs have been throwing out there, thinking to myself “when has Obama EVER been good at debating?” Willard was lying up and down, left and right. Obama was out of his element as a debater. Moving along. Nothing more to see here.

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