7 comments on “The “Obama Phone”: Debunking the Myth

  1. Excellent post, Dre! Thanks for pointing out the REAL facts behind this, especially talking about the phones. What a lot of people don’t understand is that these phones aren’t big time iPhones. They’re simples phone with very limited minutes (250 minutes per month) and no text. If you or your child have medical issues or school issues you can easily use up those minutes simply being on hold! This is really an emergency/medical type of support.

  2. I can’t argue with the merits of your commentary Andre. You provided facts to support your claim that were non-partisan in nature. I’ll give you that. But the lady in the clip millions of other fools will still pull the lever for Obama thinking he gave them phones. Your post notwithstanding, this is still ignorance on display.

    • Oh, and people not supporting Obama because he’s a freedom-hating, socialist, Muslim from Kenya is what exactly? Sound and rational thinking? GTFOH!

    • I’m not into politics and I very rarely comment on these kinds of posts. But I had to this time.

      To a person of very limited means and options, this lifeline may just be enough to make them want to vote for the person they think made it possible. That kind of simple thinking is probably why they are of limited means and options. Mr. Romney has said, on more than one occasion that he does not care, nor is he concerned about these people. The Bible says we are to care for “The least of these, our brethern.” Oops! Mr. Romney must have missed that part.

    • You people are missing the point here. An uninformed voter is an uninformed voter. Say what you want about conspiracy theorists and people who don’t trust Nobama. But the people on your side are just as bad. Try to argue that one. You will lose.

  3. Andre, I DO have one question for you. It’s okay to show a black woman acting stupidly entitled once, but if we keep showing it, then it magically becomes racist? No, what’s racist is the notion that we mustn’t ever pull back the curtain on pathologies in an anointed identity group. We’re basically supposed to sit back and be polite folks by looking away from the entitlement attitudes gripping some blacks and when we don’t look away, WE’RE the ones that are racists. Got it.

    I think what really troubles you, Andre, is that watching the video brings up uncomfortable feelings about black America and that rather than address those feelings you’d rather digress and divert by blaming the messenger.

    It’s not like this was an actress in black face. No, this is the unvarnished view of exactly that part of America that thinks they’re entitled to free stuff because they’re victims.

    The problem with Mitt Romney’s 47% remark is the same problem with Drudge reporting it. It’s that they are too close to the truth for polite society.

    Look away! Look away! If we pay no attention to the problem it will go away.

  4. Hey Dre,
    Great Vid! I’m going to bypass the whole phone argument and get to what really pisses me off about this. They are simply trying to make a whole group of people look stupid, dependent and lazy by finding the dumbest amongst us. I hated it when they did it to Tea Partiers, I hate it when they do it to Catholics, I hate when they do it to Muslims and ……wait for it……..I hate it here! No doubt some wack-job rightwingers purposely found this idiot woman and are now trying to portray all people with “Obamaphones” as being as ignorant and dependent as she is. That’s simply not fair. I watched the left do this to the Tea Partiers and it was disgusting how they went out of their way to fing the most racist, homophobic, idiotic person they could find to twist people into believing they were emblematic. The left/right press does this with gun owners, Christians, conservatives, blacks, animal activists, union workers, hispanics, gay people, militias, rich people and on and on. Isn’t time we told both sides to stick to the facts and stop with the stereotyping? When they do things like this, shouldn’t we give them a collective, “F**K off! We’re not that stupid!” Or are we that stupid, as long as it’s not us they’re stereotyping?

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