10 comments on “Sometimes, It Takes A Village

  1. Wow. This story is ridiculous on every level imaginable. I grew up with my dad being deployed overseas so he unfortunately missed a lot of important events in my life (I’m not bitter about it. I understand he sacrificed to take care of his family). But that didn’t stop me from going to my junior high father-daughter dance. A classmate’s dad took me. My daughter’s dad died when she was very young. So when the time came for her, my brother (he uncle) took her. They had a great time. To say that not a single man could have taken this girl to the dance is ludicrous.

  2. The ACLU used to be a proud and great organization fighting for the rights of the oppressed. Now it is just a band of bullies looking for a fight. Pathetic.

  3. The only instance where I can see this being problematic is if the school disallowed the girl to come to the dance, exclusively for not having her father come along. It’s hard to tell from this article whether the school prohibited her from coming or if this is the work of the single mother.

    • Good point KC. The article says the “…daughter was not able to attend a father-daughter dance”, but never said if that was because the school wouldn’t allow it or because the mother decided she couldn’t go with someone other than her father. You’re right. If this was the school’s decision, then appropriate action was taken. If not, this is a silly story.

  4. Dems/libs/”progressives” take note. These lefty feel-good laws have unintended consequences. What happens when gay married couples are taken into consideration. Do we need a “same-sex parent and heterosexual child” school function? If so, we are excluding so many others. How about a “mixed race couple and transgendered child” bake sale? Oh, you make me feel so warm and fuzzy with your tender-hearted “everyone wins a medal just for participating” attitude.

  5. I would ask you all to consider this, however. As a young woman, my father died tragically. Every time these father daughter dance/days came up, it was like ripping a bandaid off, exposing my pain to what felt like public exposure to my teenage brain. I couldn’t process that everyone else DID have a father but mine was stone dead. There was nobody to substitute for me, no uncle, no family friend, nobody. I would have much rather those had been parent(guardian) kid dances. I survived, to be sure, but those dance days were terribly painful ones. So, how about general parent (guardian)/kid dances and save some unlucky kids some pain?

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Joanne. But that was the exact point Andre was making in his post. Dealing with the very real possibility that not everyone has a father, other people can be considered. Did you not have one SINGLE man in your life?

  6. Wow Dre,
    I’ve been bear hunting (no success) so I haven’t had a chance to read this piece. LOVED IT! You articulated perfectly how insane this whole gender issue can get. Everyone has to suffer losing a valued tradition so the few don’t feel uncomfortable. I am amazed however, at how easily we all just accept that a lot of children will not have a father. That’s incredibly sad. it wasn’t always like this, and it doesn’t have to stay like this. Just as cultures can swing to the unbeneficial to the children, they can swing back if we focus on what we should and shouldn’t accept in a child-bearing relationship. That said, everyone needs to step up at a family level for the children that don’t have fathers. I believe that no one can truly replace the bio-father because children see their parents when they look in the mirror. However, the children are the most innocent in this equation and we should all try to lessen their pain and give them some kind of positive male role models. Children without anchors drift.

  7. Hey Dre,
    Don’t know if you’ve seen this. As you know, It’s a well held theory that we can save ourselves through taxing the rich until our budget problems go away. As you also know, I believe that those people refuse to do the math. Now I see France has decided to try it http://money.msn.com/business-news/article.aspx?feed=OBR&date=20120928&id=15611241
    My prediction is the rich will flee the French economy, further hurting the poorest and most dependent who always suffer the most in any downturn.
    Here’s an opportunity to see who’s right. Unfortunately, there will always be those that will never accept reality and will continue to live in the Land of Excuses. If this works and France is better off two years from implementing this tax, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.

  8. Oh let them rent a hall and pay for a private party. Oh, and they might also STFU about it.

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