6 comments on “The Electoral College, Obama’s new BFF?

  1. I would find it interesting if this happened. It would be amusing to see conservatives complain about the electoral college or insist Obama wasn’t legitimately elected.

    • Hey J. Alex,
      Well, it’s a longshot this far out, but it would be the definition of irony on both sides.

  2. I have looked at many polls today. So far, none depicts your theory.

    Pres Obama’s popularity is way much higher than Romney, fact.

    • I don’t know what polls you’ve been looking at libtard, but Rasmussen’s tells an entirely different story. A far more likely scenario would be Nobama and Romney ended in a 269-269 electoral tie. This was a real possibility brought up by George Will on This Week a month or so ago. In that case the current U.S. House would select the next president.

      Oh, how sweet that would be to see. I can just imaging watching the libs whining and marching now. ROTFLMAO!

    • What polls are you reading, Mike? Realclearpolitics has every major poll including PPP and Democracy Corps that are both run by ex-Democrat operatives. Btw, they average over 3% off in favor of Democrats in the past three elections. It seems facts are what your trying hard to avoid. This wasn’t a partisan piece at all and should have Republicans kicking dirt.

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