3 comments on “Honoring 9/11…or not

  1. …and as you write these words, most of the country has gone about their business. 9/11 is starting to become a fad like everything else.

    Good post, Dre. Hard hitting. But it needed to be said.

  2. Your point is well taken, Andre. But I think you’re missing a very key and crucial point. After 9/11, not all Americans were patriotic…at least not in the constructive way. Sure everybody was “proud to be an American”, but that pride was manifested in a lot of un-American ways. The violence against Muslims, as you pointed out but didn’t really expound on, is a perfect example. 9/11 may have brought out the best in people. But it also brought out the worst.

    To maintain a certain level of civility is indeed to be American. But we have a LONG way to go as a country to accomplish that. Sadly, the political climate post-9/11 isn’t helping matters one bit. And when you have Toby Keith “Angry American” type rednecks threatening to violence and retaliation, it doesn’t help matters it at all. Instead of coming together, alot of people sang songs about how we’re going to “light our enemies up.”

    This day has been and will likely always be a rough day because I was in the DC area and knew people affected at the Pentagon and in the Twin Towers. I will always remember the sheer terror and fear those of us in the affected locations felt because we didn’t know what was coming next. This day is a day of remembrance of the lives lost, the freedoms Americans gave up, and the realization that we have a long way to go towards truly being better citizens.

  3. Excellent post! As much as I want to disagree with this, I can’t. This message is especially pertinent now, during this nasty election year. The political uproar that is happening in our country today has dimmed the lessons we should have learned from that horrific day. It was many different races of people who lost their lives on that day, and it was many different races that stood together on that day. The attack filled all people with emotions beyond belief that something like this could happen in our great country. We as a nation came together to comfort, console and cry together. Now, 11 years later we have become so separated as a country that the competition for the highest office of this great nation is being pulled apart by disrespect, distrust, lies and dislike for each other. Have we become so complacent within ourselves that we have forgotten what brought us together on 9/11?

    As proud citizens of this great nation, we should commit ourselves to always trying to make a difference. It has to start at home, in our communities, state and nation, but first we must make that difference within ourselves. This can only be done with truth, openness, trust, respect, compassion and love for each other.

    If we REALLY want to honor all that paid the price on that fateful day, we have to do everything we can to keep another 9/11 from happening…ESPECIALLY the 9/11 that we’re creating for ourselves with all this hatred and vitriol against one another. I might sound ultra-hippie like for saying this, but I believe it with all my heart.

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