17 comments on “Selective Outrage

  1. I’ve heard some silly arguments. But this tops them all. Last I saw Sununu, Gingrich, and West are not Republican candidates for VP.

    Biden is however and because he is the PRESIDENT’s PERSONAL PICK – maybe he should learn to discuss facts instead of throwing out slanderous comments…

    • Wow. Really? That’s your response?! Herman Cain and Donald Trump were running for president. So, piss on your stupid comment. But even if you wanna go with that argument, all of these characters ARE Romney supporters and surrogates. As far as I know, Romney nor has any other ranking republican has called them out on their brazenly insulting comments. Not one.

      Say what you want about Biden, but he was addressing a friendly audience. He clearly wasn’t trying to insult or attack the people there, unlike Republicans who are paternalistic in nature. He didn’t use the best words (what else is new?), but to say they were slanderous is a gross exaggeration. Exaggeration though is not unexpected and is typical of Republicans.

  2. I never understood why Republicans have historically been so clueless when it comes to black people. We don’t like them. Plain and simple.

    • That comment was pathetic, no offense. Black unemployment is now 14.4%. Are blacks better off than they were 4 years ago? Has NoBama really done so much for you to deserve your vote?

      • “Are blacks better off than they were 4 years ago? ”

        Yes, we are. For the first time in my life, there is a person occupying the presidency who knows the feeling of having folks decide based on his skin color that he’s un-American, a crook, a cheater, a monkey, and some Affirmative Action experiment.

        Here’s a novel idea: instead of telling black folks why we should’ve vote for Obama, tell me why you’re voting against him? This should be entertaining.

  3. I see Romney is taking a page out of the birther playbook. Remind me again: this is supposed to increase the black vote how again…?

    • “Remind me again: this is supposed to increase the black vote how again…?”

      It’s not. This is why Mitt Romney is so dangerous. He’s so much of an empty suit that he virtually absorbs anything around him, the craziness of the wingnuts included. This guy is the chameleon of politics.

  4. Romney and his people are getting out of pocket, no doubt about that. It’s an election year, so we can expect this kind of mudslinging. It’s also clear that Romney is trying to convince whites who are not politically or socially sound to join his band. So, I’m not shocked in the least bit that he went there with the birther claims. These claims are rootless in nature, but still enough to get people riled up. So when I heard Biden’s comments, I immediately knew conservatives all over the place would play diversionary politics. But when you think about, Obama hasn’t been squeaky clean. He’s been stooping to lows himself (like the dog jokes), has he not?

    • Good try. One, black people tend to vote Democrat anyway. Two, these modern day Republicans (contrary to what you, Josh the Troll, and this Myron guy seem to think) are pushing agendas that are decidedly against anybody who isn’t rich and white. I’m not even black and I think this “post racial” bullshit is laughable.

      • Here’s a question, Mike,
        Why is it only blacks who vote so monolithically? Hispanics vote Dem around 60%, but they also vote in Reps like In New Mexico, where voters elected the nation’s first Latina governor, Republican Susana Martinez (http://www.pewhispanic.org/2010/11/03/the-latino-vote-in-the-2010-elections/) Even when it’s a Dem Hispanic vs. a white Rep they stay below 80%. Why is it only black people who reach 95% +? Asians vote 60% Dems (mostly, like Hispanics, because they tend to be far younger on average than their white counterparts) but also never cross the 80% line even when it’s an asian vs. white. Don’t avoid the question with distracting B.S.. Answer the question, what make’s black people’s voting so different?

  5. Democrats have done far more in support of blacks over the past half century. Republicans, meanwhile, have been nothing but paternalistic agents of racism, hatred, disrespect, homophobia, and intolerance. Why Latinos haven’t picked up on that (especially with Republicans awful immigration-based racism) is beyond me.

      • Hey Mike,
        Let me elaborate so you’ll understand why I don’t feel you’ve answered my question. What I need you to answer for me is, “Why are blacks the ONLY group who votes so monolithically?” I don’t need another rant about how evil Republicans are. Gays have had the support your talking about, as have single women, as have poor whites and Hispanics. However, you can’t find any example of them voting at near 100% levels for Democrats. Soooo, I’m asking one more time. Why only blacks? I’ve given my answer to Andre down below. My guess is you hate my answer but don’t have one that is anything beyond, “Republicans, meanwhile, have been nothing but paternalistic agents of racism, hatred, disrespect, homophobia, and intolerance.” Which doesn’t address my question, only repeats the Dem talking point of the last 40 years. The Dems have been drooling for years at the notion of turning Hispanics, single moms or Gays into the next Black Voting Block by running the same racism/homophobic/sexist line sweetened with targeted social programs, yet they can’t. Why does it only work on blacks? Why?

  6. Let me chime in here. The romanticized history of the old GOP notwithstanding, why should black folks support today’s Republican party? I see how Democrats have failed minorities (pandering just to get votes, and such). But what have Republicans done to IMPROVE race relations (or the overall standing of minorities) in this country…other than preach the “bootstrap” mantra? I’m sincerely curious about this.

    • Hey Dre,
      I don’t know that I would call the Emancipation of blacks, the majority of the votes on all parts of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act ( although they were signed by LBJ), and the first applied Affirmative Action program (by Nixon on government contracts) as a “romanticized history”. But that’s my opinion. I would agree that there is very little in the Republican Party for anyone that believes that government programs will help them out. It wouldn’t hurt the Reps to focus more on educational or “learning to fish” programs as opposed to the “free fish” policies of the Dems. My point is this, (and I’m sure I’m going to catch holy hell for it); Black people in this country (IMO) are a unique group. With the history of slavery and oppression that they have suffered they have a unique opinion about the role of government in their lives. They feel, rightly or wrong, that they are owed something for the suffering of their ancestors and the government is the only avenue to get it. They also feel more strongly about maintaining their Civil Rights than most groups and are hyper-sensitive to accusations of racism. I believe that the Dems use that to their advantage by casting the Reps, with the help of their extensive media, as racists. The Dems are then given a free pass for the relative same transgressions by that media. Because blacks are uniquely located primarily in inner cities run by Dems, subject to media controlled by Dems, schools run by Dems and heavily influenced by preachers in the pocket of Dems, they simply don’t have the same outside influence that other groups have , like Asians or Middle-Easterns. Because of this, they are the easiest to indoctrinate. Remember: Belief-doubt=indoctrination. I believe that statements like Biden’s were not accidental, I believe they are designed to instill irrational fear that the Reps want them “back in chains”. I think it’s too simple to assume that blacks are the only group that gets the fact that the Reps are evil and don’t care about the plight of the poor. Blacks, unlike their counterparts, don’t know a lot of Republicans and even when they do, they view them as heartless and think it’s a crime to even consider their views (it’s siding with people who want to hurt you!) If they are black Republicans, then they are not really black. I simply think it would do black people a lot of good to consider that they may be being manipulated, even if they still reach the same policy decisions. The idea that thinking differently about the cures to the problems of the poor is consorting with the enemy is the same, to me, as Bush’s “Your either with us or against us” mentality. These are just my observations and conclusions as too why black voting patterns are different than all other groups, feel free to fire at will.

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