6 comments on “My Practical (and Non-Sexist) Advice to Delusional Women

  1. @ KC: I’m prepared. 😉

    @ Sunny: Welcome aboard! I’m thinking, though, you should probably read a few more. This only scratches the surface.

  2. Ouch! that hurt… ha, ha… great post though. Same could be said about the opposite end of the spectrum… delusional people are to be found everywhere…

    • This is true. I know plenty of men who are in a world all their own. I just think men are generally a different kind of nutty.

  3. Hey Dre,
    You might be bats**t crazy for writing this piece! The first(and most important) rule of politics is never point the finger at your own constituents. However, since I’m prone to being bats**t crazy and openly display my Asperger’s, I’ll play along.
    1) That fits perfectly with men who say that every woman that doesn’t want them is either gay or on their period.
    2)I have to agree with them, women ARE jealous, vindictive, and manipulative. Except my wife…love you babe. (Hey, I’m not THAT stupid.)
    3)Didn’t you start this piece with “So, my ex girlfriend was crazy.”? Sorry Bro, someone would have said it eventually.
    4)Do you mean all the people that disagree with my obnoxious personality might have a point?…sigh.
    5)Yikes! Put down the mirror, I can’t look at myself any longer! Um, have I ever told you guys that sometimes you do make great points? I hope so.

    Thanks for the fun. Great post!

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