15 comments on “Feeding Facebook Foolishness

  1. I have to agree. Dre, this might be your finest hour on this blog. LOL! Good stuff, man.

  2. Bingo! This post was SO on point! Virtual FB interactions, just like in-person interactions require social skill and candor toward inappropriate behavior.

  3. Andre Louis tends to plagarize his older sister’s Robin’s ideas and rants.
    Disgruntled sister who agrees with this post and all the comments. Great article!!

  4. Pet peeve: people who try to add me as a friend after I’ve already denied them thrice.

  5. I sent this to my best friend and she could NOT stop laughing. I think she wants to date you now. Sorry, Dre. I’ve created a monster. LMAO!

  6. I find the eyebrows to be quite arousing. She would fit in perfectly with the other fine women we have on Vulcan. Don’t much like the teeth though. Highly illogical.
    Mr. Spock

  7. Hey Dre,
    Great post! Let me just shout out an “AMEN!” from your amen corner. I’ve always felt a real friend tells you the truth when false friends won’t.

  8. Facebook: The King Site of Debauchery. For all the reasons you outline, Facebook sucks. But the biggest pet peeve of mine are my “friends” and their need to change their status message every hour or so with random nonsense that no on really cares about. Like “Kelly is changing diapers” or “Maxine is tired”. Booooooo! If you have nothing interesting to say, then just say nothing.

    • I’ll see that, and raise you one.

      I think my biggest pet peeve about FB is the utter disrespect/disregard for proper grammar & spelling. Aaaugh! I need people to know the difference between to and too. AND I REALLY WANT PEOPLE TO STOP TYPING THEIR STATUSES IN ALL CAPS.. oR TYp!n9 tH3m lIK3 THi$. Grow up, please! My right eye starts to twitch and I feel a full-fledged episode of Tourrete’s come on every time I am subjected to this foolishness.

      Aaaaand, why does the same person send you a friend request a bagillion times?? I have just gotten real gangsta w/ it (after receiving the same friend request 5 times from this man I do NOT know from Adam) and sent him a message along w/ his declined friend request that stated, “I don’t know you, therefore you are not my friend. Please stop sending these friend requests to me. Kthanks..”

      I have been tempted to remove family members from my friend’s list based off of their status updates.. iCan’t.

      Finally, the people who have to make an announcement to their “haters” on every other status update really grind my gears. #1.. why do you have “haters” on your friends list?? If these people are “hating” on you so bad, delete and/or block them from your page. Problem solved. #2.. if you have to tell us every other hour that you have “haters”, you probably don’t. Your own perception of your importance obviously does not mirror anyone else’s. So go saddown and get over yourself, please and thank you.

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