11 comments on “The Latest Video From Eryk…uhhhh?

  1. As open-minded as I try to be, I’m going to have to call on my inner neanderthal redneck on this one. Am I supposed to be searching for some symbolism here? is there some deep artistic message to be uncovered? Some social theme to be explored? Cuz, frankly I’m not seeing it. Sometimes weirdness is NOT art, just weirdness.

  2. Word to the wise: if you’re drinking liquid of any kind, finish it before you press play. Your keyboard and monitor will thank you for it.

  3. Sigh. One of the reasons why liberalism makes me puke. And to think, this is the kind of nonsense people in the “arts” wants the federal government to fund.

    • Hol’ up, Mr. Troll Man. How the hell did a music video (most likely bought and paid for by a privatized record company) become an indictment on the federal government and its support of the arts? Get that ignorant Tea Party-ass thinking outta here.

      • “Get that ignorant Tea Party-ass thinking outta here.” Best.Comment.Ever.

        Josh, go marry your cousin or something.

      • Um, excuse me. When did I say this video specifically was being funded by federal dollars? It’s crap like this…all done under the guise of “art”. Meanwhile, arts aren’t doing anything to boost the economy and we’re talking about pumping more money into them. GTFOH

        Case in point: http://chronicle.com/article/From-Graduate-School-to/131795/. A “medieval history” professor can’t find a job and is on food stamps? Shocking! << Sarcasm

  4. NSFW? That’s an understatement, Dre. If you have ANY interest in keeping your job, watch this stuff when you get home. I saw this video and now I’m scared I’m gonna get a visit from our IT and Human Resources reps.

  5. I’d recommend you not watch this video with any sharp tools in your general proximity. Around the 2:30 mark, I grabbed for a letter opener and tried to poke my own eyes out.

  6. Josh, this video aside: I think that government should subsidize the arts as much as other things, because their value is equal. If we are talking about education, then arts are a unique and effective form of teaching empathy, critical thinking, and inter-personal skills. I believe that empathy and logic align, and that both are essential in seeking and defining truth. Art should go hand in hand with science and math in what is important.

  7. I just can’t seem to wrap my my around Eryka Badu’s art. She is too weird for me. A day at the MoMA is far more appealing.

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