7 comments on “Embracing Bigotry: Parishioner Defends Anti-Gay Pastor

  1. My, my! If adulterers should be killed, as well as gays, why aren’t they (the pastor and the church) calling for the death of adulterers?

    Unfortunately, these gay and lesbian haters don’t know what they do. Because of their hatred of gays and lesbians, they’re all but certain to come back gay or lesbian.

    Isn’t the “Golden Rule” at the heart of Christianity? And too: For the “rule” to work, and to remain “golden,” shouldn’t adherents first have a heart–something this group appears bereft of?

  2. This kind of bigoted trash shouldn’t be allowed to hijack the good name of “Christian”. They are the furthest thing from a follower of Jesus Christ. Let’s call them what they are….hate-filled, ignorant Protestant evangelical hillbillies.

  3. It’s just unfortunate this lady can “rayprodeuce.” She’ll probably wind up pumping out 4 or 5 kids, raise them to be morons and allow them to attend Rev. Worley’s church (since we all know the good die young and the evil ones are left to linger). Before you know it they will be teenage mothers and fathers and this cycle will just continue itself. Pathetic and sad.

  4. She gave the perfect Fox News response. Ignore a perfectly sensible question and continue to speak as if the question was so stupid it doesn’t deserve to be answered.

  5. Introspection :
    My, my! If adulterers should be killed, as well as gays, why aren’t they (the pastor and the church) calling for the death of adulterers?

    That’s an easy one. If adulterers are supposed to be executed, half of the church’s membership would fall off the face of the earth. Church folk love to attack each other. But when it comes to self-reflection, that same criticism vanishes.

  6. Hey Dre,
    As you know, this is the kind of thing that really gets me up in arms. First, let’s dig up the most vile low-lifes we can find (like these two ass-clowns) and then record them spouting their racist/homophobic/sexist/whatever rhetoric. Second, let’s run it out there like it’s truly representative of the opinions of conservatives/religious people/white people/Tea partiers/whatever who mostly are as appalled as anyone here. It’s incredibly unfair and if it were done to another group it would be seen for what it is; an attempt to vilify a group so that it’s ok to ignore or nulify their concerns and justify bigotry against them. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud. Is he running the MSM or are they just using his ideas?

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