When it’s come to national interviews gone awry, I’ve seen some pretty bad ones over the years.  There was Jim Rome versus Chris Jim Everett. There was Allen Iverson’s infamous “practice” interview. And, of course, there was Sarah Palin’s monstrosity of an interview with Katie Couric. But this next interview ranks pretty high up there. In a segment with Anderson Cooper,  Stacey Pritchard – a member of Charles Worley’s church – is defending her pastor’s recent comments suggesting gay and lesbian folks should be put behind an electric fence and allowed to ‘die out.’  This interview is pretty bad.

This interview isn’t just a train wreck. It’s a train full of the most beautiful women on the planet crashing head on to a train full kids coming home from a field trip who, just a few seconds earlier, crashed into a bus full of volunteers recently returning from East Africa on a peace mission. Yeah, it’s that bad:



I guess what’s worse than the sheer bigotry she put on display for the world to see (while single-handedly embarrassing every Christian on the planet) is the fact that she and so many other Christians are so selective in how they subscribe to the Bible. People seem to have a huge problem with homosexuals, but are quite mute when it comes to every other “sin” identified in the Bible; adulterers and such. In fact, if you actually read the Old Testament, a lot of the stuff we do in our day-to-day walk would have been considered offenses worthy of death (which reminds me, the shrimp alfredo I had the other day was fierce. Biblically speaking, it was to die for.) This woman, and so many others, demonstrate a clear misunderstanding of the spirit of God’s word.

Maybe if we put her behind an electric fence, she’ll finally get the point.