7 comments on “Stand [Some Other Person’s] Ground

  1. You’re such a diplomat. They need to be put on blast. How can one claim Constitution rights to protect a home that is NOT one’s possession? The authorities would never have willy nilly arrested people who explained that they owned the home had they not been an interacial couple.

    As for “post-racial”, I have contacted the world lexicographers, and they have informed me that that phrase is invalid and is hereby abolished.

    Please encourage your readers to get out and vote in November. If not, the GOP will go to any length to escalate the aforementioned exploits. As usual, great post. V.

  2. Great comments, blackstarr. Maybe you should consider taking over for Andre on this blog. I don’t know who this guy is anymore. No offense, Andre. But you’re sounding like a Republican operative. Let’s just call a spade a spade here. This story is about nothing but some racist and gun crazy f***tards looking for an excuse to shoot a black person.

  3. I read this all happened at night. So it’s dark out and you hear somebody trying to get into a house that’s been vacant for months. I’d like to see you all sit there and do nothing.

    • So following your logic, it was well within their right to grab assault weapons and take the law in their own hands, right? Typical Rethuglican thinking.

  4. I’m with Andre, this event is disconcerting, mainly ( the race issue aside)… because these people took the law into their own hands. What ever happened to calling the police? I wouldn’t sit there and do nothing if I was concerned, I was would call 911 or the local police station and report it.

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