9 comments on “Mary J and BK, “It’s a Wrap”

  1. LOL @ the chicken suit! You’s a fool, Dre! xD

    Seriously, I agree with everything in this post. When I first heard about this, I had to do a double-take when I learned about the so-called “controversy.” Sure, this wasn’t exactly the most creative commercial I’ve ever seen, but I expected to see her dressed as an epic slave or a pickaninny way everyone is going on about it. We’ve got far more serious issues to worry about than people linking chicken to black people.

  2. It’s crazy I kinda wished it was a better song then I’m like if it would have been a much better song would that make it worst? She’s singing about a chicken wrap. My thing is why chicken? I mean Bk has alot of stuff, why not salad, milkshakes, fries or any of the other burgers? Why did they feel the need to have her sing? She couldn’t just show up pre or post show and want a wrap and go all diva about it? It’s not a big enough issue to label it controversial but is something to joke at and shake your head at. By the way Flava Flav isn’t and has never really made African Americans look bad, he has just made it hard to believe Chuck D never kicked him out of Public Enemy

  3. I saw the commercial on YouTube this morning and I’ll admit it was pretty cheesy. But hardly offensive. But hey, at least she got paid for doing it, right?

  4. Black people stay cooning. We seem to love money and white people more than we do ourselves.

    • No, anonymous. You have it all wrong. Black people in general don’t hate themselves (I know I don’t), and we actually want to see MORE positivity in the world not only for other black people, but people overall. Yes have a few bad apples who revert back to the “buffoonary” when it comes to their interactions white people, or when it comes to earning a quick buck. They are quick to act ignorant and confirm every stereotype under the sun! Who knows why? But that’s not all of us. Not even a sizable number of us.

  5. I’ve been reading other people’s blogs about this and I don’t understand all the hateration towards Mary J. She has enormous crossover appeal and clearly understands the business of marketing and self-promotion. She gets a check cut each time her commercial gets aired. That, ON TOP of her music sales. Plus, nobody’s talking about the double standards. Nobody trips when Jordan does basketball commercials (Mickey Ds), or if other athletes do stereotypical commercials. Has anybody complained about Terry Crews acting like a fool in those deodorant commericals? I don’t think so.

    • I think the problem, at least from my perspective, is how Mary is portrayed in the commercial.

      You have the polite white man ordering food and then here comes the abrasive black woman cutting him off and then singing about chicken. That can’t sit right with a lot of people and that’s where (again from my perspective) the flack is coming from.

      Also, Mary is too well respected and too deep in the game to have done a commercial like this. Whoever thought it was a good PR move should clearly be relieved from that position. Burger King is just another corporation that uses the black demographic as a means to boost sales. Not realizing that all black people let alone don’t all eat fried chicken but also meat products. I can’t blame them for doing what these suits think of our community. But Mary could have walked away from this. Yea, they could have replaced her with someone else willing to shuck and jive over chicken but at least she would have had her dignity. I’m still a fan but greatly disappointed.

      • No offense bro, but I think you’re reaching. Citing the “abrasive black woman” cutting off the “polite white man” is almost as if you’re looking for a reason to be offended. Considering the all the backlash this commercal is getting, you’d think Mary was wearing some sort of Mammy costume or something and calling the BK manager “masser”.

        It’s a commercial. It’s stupid, like most commercials. People choose to find hints of racism because they want to, not because it’s apparent.

        Also, Mary J. Blige is a brilliant artist, but no one is above a paycheck. C’mon. Really, does singing about some nasty ass chicken wrap negate the brilliance of her career? Not likely.

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