No, not that one.

File this post under “NNN” for Nonsensical Negro News:

It appears that R & B singer Mary J. Blige and Burger King have hit something of a controversial note. Mary J appears in a commercial recently pulled off the air, where she is singing about a new chicken wrap. Despite BK doing similar commercials with other stars, Both Burger King and Mary J. saw the need to offer their apologies for the spot. Here’s the video. Check it out before it undoubtedly gets yanked off YouTube:


A couple of thoughts:

(1) Really? Coming off the heels of the Trayvon Martin story, compounded by the frightening and very real proliferation of violence toward black youth, the impact of a grossly disproportionate criminal justice system on black males, the educational crisis facing young people, staggering levels of unemployment in the black community, etc., this Burger King tomfoolery is hardly a controversy worth noting. In fact, my blog’s stock has dropped a few points just by me mentioning this nonsense.

(2) If I was a betting man, I’d say this ad was pulled not because of a schism between Burger King, black people, and fried chicken. There is no schism. The facts are inescapable: black folks love them some fried chicken. That’s not even up for debate anymore. I think Mary J. had a chance to really look at how corny and horribly done this ad was and decided to pull the plug. For her, it’s just unfortunate she pulled out before the Internets put it on display for the world to see.

(3) I don’t know about you, but for the reported money she got for this (I’ve read that the number was somewhere between $2-3 million), not only would I have done a commercial where I sung about chicken, I would’ve probably wore a chicken suit and blackface while I did it. I would’ve un-apologetically made myself the official spokesman of Coon Chicken Inn, or some mess. But that’s me. I’m broke and I have no moral compass. Sue me.

(4) …nevertheless, c’mon Mary. You’re a mega-star. Surely you can come up with a song that would earn you way more in royalties than this silly commercial. I dunno…collaborate with Justin Bieber or something. Giving how people’s standards for good music are lacking a bit these days, you could’ve cranked out a hit from your bathroom. Sheesh.

(5) The most important thing to consider in all of this: Even in the off chance anybody is offended by this spot, let’s keep it real…Mary J. is no Flavor Flav. Count the embarrassing stereotypes: