5 comments on “Obamaville: Be Afraid

  1. And why, exactly, would black people want to be in Santorum’s ad or in the Republican party in general? Other black people would come out in droves attacking the few blacks willing to part with Democrats. Can’t have it both ways there, buddy.

  2. Um, maybe I missed something. But according to Santorum’s ad, we can get 37 gallons of gas for $90. That’s $2.43 a gallon. And Obamaville is bad, how?

    • LOL! Great catch! I guess one person’s apocalypse is another person’s fairy tale world.

  3. Hey Dre,
    Great post. I saw this ad and it made me shake my head in disgust. Fearmongering, plain and simple. Mitt Romney has so far avoided this kind of sickness and I hope he will continue. Unfortunately for him, it won’t matter. No matter how he behaves or what he does or doesn’t do, there will be people that will throw him right in with this bunch. How do I know? Look at what they do to me and I’m a registered, pro choice Democrat who openly supported Obama in 2008. The first time I’m not marching to every bit of the left’s agenda I become a wingnut or a heartless bastard. Is it any wonder there are so few people left in the middle when so many people on both sides jump at the chance to crucify you for not goose-stepping along side them? But I’m preaching to the choir-you’ve been there.

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