According to the Santorum camp, re-electing Obama to a second term will lead us into some kind of post-apocalyptic world that would make the Walking Dead blush. Be afraid, America. Be very afraid:

Whoa. The sound you just heard was me taking a deuce in my pants.

Kidding aside…what the hell was this? The ridiculousness of this clearly exaggerated apocalyptic theme notwithstanding, I can’t help but think Rick “I said BLAH people” Santorum was somehow trying to relay a message specifically to white America about how the policies of the Obama Administration will negatively affect them, and them alone. In fact, the only people of color you see in this commercial are Obama, a subtly superimposed Ahmadinejad, and a group of flag-burning Middle Eastern protestors. Yes, my white brothers and sisters: Obama hates you and he wants you all to suffer and die.

I suppose a lot of this plays in to the Republican strategy: we have no shot at winning the black vote, so forget them. In return, a large contingency of black people will shy away from Republicans. In return, Republicans will ignore black people. In return, black people will shy away from Republicans. In return, Republicans will ignore…wait, have I said all this already?

Rick Santorum is on his last leg and will probably be out of the race by the end of next month. So this is much ado about nothing. But as a cautionary tale to whom I’d suspect will be the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, avoid this strategy. In fact, be afraid of this strategy…almost as afraid as white people were supposed to be of Santorum’s attack ad. While it is true that black Americans generally vote Democrat and an overwhelming number of black Americas will indeed vote for Obama, Romney must do his best to widen the tent if he wants any shot at winning the White House. Bush and his team did a marvelous job of securing a staggering amount of black votes in 2004, and President Obama is beatable due to his vulnerabilities. But if Mitt follows Santorum’s drumbeat and plays the game of exclusionary politics, the clip above might wind up being less of a snapshot of Obamaville in 2014, and more like RomneyCampaignville.