4 comments on “Black women aren’t all crazy. Who would’ve thunk it?

  1. My wife saw this post and she’s ready to get her friends together to pay you a visit. You on your own with this one, Dre. LOL!

  2. Hey… Truth hurts! She’s on point! She’s talking about taking personal responsibility! People do to you what you allow. Love it!

  3. Oh dear, Andre. Looks like the ladies are not too happy with you on this post but I’ll stand by you, brother. I think the lady in the video speaks a great truth. It may not be the whole truth. Some men have to accept the blame for often being inconsiderate and irresponsible dogs. But that’s half the truth. The other half is that these men get away with it because so many women sell themselves short and allow themselves to be treated poorly by these slobs. After listening to this woman, I have such respect for her strength, clear thinking and bravery for taking this unpopular position. Andre, you are a gentleman who deserves the respect of women who knows the true value of things. I hope KC’s wife’s posse go gently on you, man.

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