5 comments on “Game Change: Movie Review

  1. Good review, Dre. Spot on. I saw the movie myself, and I agree with everything you said. The movie nailed everything we saw regarding McCain and Palin. Like you said, I would have like to see the movie cover some of the contentious parts of the Obama/Clinton battle. It would’ve been especially cool to see who they’d get to play them both.

  2. Nice review.

    The only bad thing about the film is that it helped to bring Palin back into the spotlight, just when it seemed as if she was finally fading.

    Julianne Moore definitely had the look down pretty good.

    Interesting that some Conservatives are finally seeing Palin for what she was all along.
    One thing is for sure… she may be dense when it comes to history, policy, & world affairs… but she is pretty good at branding. She turned her moment of fame into a business plan better than just about anyone I’ve seen. Makes you wonder how much acting Palin was doing trying to play the role of attack dog. She seemed focused on telling Conservatives what they wanted to hear in order to strengthen her brand…it always seemed to be about the brand to me.

  3. God. To imagine how close this woman came to being in the White House is a SCARY thing.

  4. To your review, Andre…it was pretty good. But I think you and the book were a little easy on this woman. She’s a dunce…plain and simple. Trying to “humanize” with her? Gimme a break.

    I don’t have any sympathy for a woman who was hellbent on destroying the country with her stupidity. This is national politics, not another shot at her winning a beauty contest. Recall, this is the same woman who had to write the 3 essential tenants of her CORE BELIEFS on her HAND in order to remember them. I can tell you right now, YEARS LATER, what Palin’s beliefs, so compicated they had to be cribbed, were:

    1. Energy
    2. tax cuts
    3. Lift the American spirit

    …if you can’t remember *that*, not only are you not qualified to be dog catcher, you are also pretty dim and less attentive than my 10 year old. Sarah is a disgrace to women AND politics. Anybody who thinks Mrs. Carribou Barbie was or is ready for prime time, they’re as dopey as she is.

  5. I saw the movie this weekend. It helped me make sense out of things that didn’t make sense before. Before the campaign started, I had a certain level of respect for John McCain. I think it went back to how he handled those vicious attacks from Bush in 2000. But then he went and pulled the unimaginable in 2008. I couldn’t understand why he was letting this woman say the crazy things that she kept repeating. I assumed she was his mouthpiece, and she was saying the things he believed but didn’t want to say, himself. I was truly amazed to see how arrogant this woman really was when I saw the movie. Since 2008, he has slowly started earning my respect back. He made a terrible mistake in giving this woman the nod, but he paid heavily for it. Unfortunately in the meantime, McCain’s decision allowed this woman to become who she is today.

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