Earlier today, I heard that conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart has died of natural causes. He was 43. From ABC News:

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative Internet publisher and blogger, died early this morning at age 43.

A statement posted on his website said that Breitbart died “unexpectedly from natural causes” this morning.

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office confirmed to ABC News Radio that Breitbart died shortly after midnight at UCLA Medical Center.

Breitbart was walking near his house in California’s Brentwood neighborhood shortly after midnight when he collapsed, his father-in-law the actor Orson Bean told the Associated Press.

Someone who saw Breitbart fall called paramedics and revival attempts were made, the AP reports. He was taken to the emergency room at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in L.A.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s devastating,” Bean told the AP.

Breitbart had apparently suffered heart problems a year ago, but Bean did not know what had happened.


I’m not a fan of Breitbart in the least bit. In fact, I had my fair share of choice words for him in the past. And I stick to my guns on those pieces of commentary. The man was shady, disingenuous, disrespectful to the deceased, and a tool for conservatives to promote scores of outlandishness. But he was also a person with a family. Like him or not, approve of his ideologies or not, he was a human being. I hope that liberals don’t get so celebratory over this man’s death that they turn into the same cold, callous, and disrespectful people they claim conservatives are.

Just sayin’.