13 comments on “Vlog: Rapping at the CPAC

  1. I’m sorry, Andre: but your logic is flawed in this video in a couple of ways. (1) So, white guys rapping is not acceptable? Then how do you explain Eminem’s career? (2) They were clearly poking fun at the double standard about how black people can freely call each other the n-word (a lot of times as a term of endearment) and white people can’t. This has nothing to do with conservative politics. This is satire, at best. Satire. You’re familiar with that word, right?

    • If you have a crazy family, you’re entitled to call them so. I can’t. They’re not MY family. What part of that don’t you understand?

  2. I don’t know what the f*** kind of message they’re trying to make here, but they need to sit down somewhere and stop sucking. Watching their “performance” was three minutes of my life I can’t get back.

  3. Dre, are you surprised by any of this? The only thing conservatives hate more than black people is Mitt Romney.

  4. This has nothing to do with the post (in fact, I tend to avoid political conversation. It’s just not my thing). But I really love your video blog format! While it’s true that I love to read people’s writings, seeing their faces, hearing their voices, and listening to their tones is just as rewarding. In so many of your posts, I tried to imagine how you sound and imagine your mannerisms while you were writing. I feel like I know you all over again! LOL!

    Keep up the great work, sir.

  5. Knickers, eh? I guess if I told one of these dudes that their moms wanted to kiss Mike Hunt, they’d be OK with that. Dumb asses.

  6. Hey. I found your blog on YouTube. Good stuff, man.

    Did anybody else notice the one black guy in the room who walked out? Good for him. It’s bad enough I couldn’t make out anything these idiots were saying, but when I heard them with their so-called funny “Knicker” joke, I about lost my mind. Worse, were all the fools in the audience laughing. I don’t advocate violence, but that whole room needed a serious ass-kicking.

  7. First, there was Santorum attacking “blah” people. Now there are these fools rapping about Knickers. I guess next somebody will talk about how Democrats always get votes from those “Dark Keys”. SMH

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