8 comments on “Liberal Hypocrisy: The Curious Case of Mitt Romney

  1. I’m not sure what planet you were on when you wrote this, but wealthy Democrats do get scrutiny for their wealth, especially if it makes them appear out of touch. John and Teresa Kerry were bashed relentlessly for their wealth. So was Chris Dodd. So was John Edwards.

    The problem we liberals have with Romney’s wealth is not just that he has it. He made his money (at least what he didn’t inherit from his wealthy family) in an industry that contributed to the economic problems of the past few years. In addition, another part of it is simply that Mitt Romney is trying ever so hard to seem like an “ordinary” citizen that he comes off as disingenuous and fake. What first comes to mind are his repeated jokes about how he is “unemployed,” despite having made hundreds of millions of dollars last year. He’s trying to appear to be something he’s not, and fortunately, most people don’t seem to be buying it.

  2. I was at 1st shocked at this but that quickly faded to disappointment.

    I must say that , as a far left-leaning liberal, I’m not against wealth – I’m against the way that most “one percenters”, particularly GOP’s, flaunt their money and have no regard for the rest of us. It seems that in your comparisons, you are really grasping at straws, here. Comparing a stay at a hotel to a ride in one’s private jet? Really? Reaching.

    Yes, the picture is deceptive, and it’s handed off as “politics as usual”, when it should have been immediately recanted. But, the rest – disappointing. V.

  3. Hey Dre,
    Good Post! I’ve felt for some time that it’s laughable for ANYONE in congress to point out someone else’s wealth when they’re nearly all millionaires. President Obama made 5.5 million last year! For president’s day, MSN (not exactly conservative) listed the top ten richest presidents of all time. Top of the list? JFK. In fact, out of the five that were presidents in the past 100 years, only one was a republican. http://bottomline.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/20/10434575-the-10-richest-us-presidents
    The top three richest people in the US? Gates, Buffet and Ellison, all Democrats.
    Top ten richest congressmen and women? 7 out of 10 are Democrats.
    Take a look at the Clintons 2000-2006 tax forms;

    They’re ALL stinking rich and for ANY of them to even bring it up is laughable at best. Obama now has $240 million in his war chest and broke all records last time he won. Want to be shocked where it all came from? Go to opensecrets.org.

    It’s all rich Reps and rich Dems taking money from wallstreet, lawyers, and corporations.

    Way to put truth to the lie Andre.

  4. Andre, show me your past outrage over Republican/conservative hypocrisy that was equal to the outrage exhibited here over liberal hypocrisy–if you can do that, then I’ll take up your cause.

    I knew that the picture was a fake, but it’s no fake that some in the Republican party have shown an antipathy for the plight of workers in this country, calling them lazy, preferring unemployment insurance to actually working, while subjecting those who receive government aid to drug testing–and passing state laws designed to dismantle labor unions in some states.

    I know of no liberals who have gone this far.

    If you wrote this piece to find if we’re still reading, you have your answer.

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