5 comments on “Eddie Long: The King of Kangs

  1. Coonery? Yep; that just about sums it up.

    When are our people going to get a clue? God Almighty…

  2. As a scientist, I could not understand the claims that there are 22 chromosomes and 22 amino acids in line with 22 alphabets in the Hebrew alphabet as there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in humans and there are more than 22 amino acids although 20 are used to form building blocks of proteins. Anyway, I don’t see any significance even if the claims and been right. That’s just one of many problems with this. Coonery it is! I hope other church leaders are standing up to correct this.

  3. Well I say, judge not, lest you be judge. there are two sides to every story. in this case 5 or 6, no pun intended. I know the old saying where there’s smoke there’s fire. I’m not saying he is totally innocent of anything, and I not saying his totally guilty either. if this man done the things that these boy’s said he did, I pray GOD make an example out of him, and not just speculation. as for his followers, I pray that they are not following the man and only following the world that he his offering. I understand that a good spiritual teacher is hard to find ( trust me ) it took me years to find the 3 good spiritual teachers that I can truly learn from. 1) is the pastor of my new home church 2) is a radio pastor 3) is a TV pastor. all 3 of these people are great teachers, but neither of them are flawless. they are all flawed and they talk about how flawed they really are. to me that is the sign of a true person of GOD. to not to and hide their flaws, but let their followers know that they are just like them. I’ll pray for brother Long even though I have never met him are heard any of his messages. I pray that GOD will inflict him to bring him to a greater spiritual level. and I’ll also pray the same prayer for those boys. and that GOD will bring resolution to all who may be damaged and stuck in position by this

  4. The videos are no longer available. Too bad, it promised to be an interesting watch.

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