12 comments on “Thoughts on the GOP and Race: My First Video Blog

  1. Maybe they can’t see it from the comfort of their plush homes, but these are tough times for millions of Americans. The unemployment rate continues to hover around 9 percent. In addition to losing their jobs, thousands of Americans are losing their homes through foreclosures. Gas and food prices are steadily climbing. During these difficult times, people like Gingrich and Santorum are attacking one of the most reliable safety nets for families who suddenly find themselves unable to pay for food. It’s pretty sickening…especially when you consider that one of these guys could be president.

  2. As a side note: I LOVE the video blog format. It’s always cool to put a face and now a voice behind the commentary. I hope you do more of these!

  3. Rick Perry: I execute as many innocent people as I want and be happy to do so. Audience: Applause. Other Candidates (and the media): Dead silence.

    Ron Paul: When my ex-aid died from not having insurance, it was his mother who should pay. Audience: Applause. Other Candidates (and the media): Dead silence.

    Santorum (then again, it could have been any of them): I respect the troops, except the ones I don’t, like the gays. Audience: Applause. Other Candidates (and the media): Dead silence.

    Gingrich: Obama is a Food stamp President. Audience: Applause. Other Candidates (and the media): Dead silence.

    Are you detecting a pattern here?

  4. J. Alex misquoted Paul and took it completely out of context, unfortunately. The question was asked that in a world where hospitals aren’t required to treat uninsured patients, and a man was rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening condition, should he be allowed to die? A man in the audience immediately blurted out “YEAH!” but Paul shook his head and calmly explained “no.” Dr. Paul has been practicing medicine since the 1960s and lived in a world WITHOUT Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare where countless people could not afford the treatment they needed. So who took care of the bills? Charities, churches, communities, and sometimes the doctor himself.

    Andre, see and judge for yourself.

    The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul (2 mins)

    Ron Paul Reacts to “Compassion” Ad on CSPAN (5 mins)

    Btw I think you spoke fine in your video. I stumbled across your video and I agree with your points.

    The example you gave about Santorum’s mythical “blah” people is a very obvious one, and perhaps you chose that for the benefit of your audience (I don’t know), but I’ve picked up on some other more subtle racist comments from Santorum (and Gingrich).

    In one of the recent debates they were talking about restoring voting privileges to felons who had served their time and were out. Romney and Santorum were going back and forth on it and eventually Santorum said, oh and on MLK day mind you, that “this is an issue that is very important to African-Americans” (paraphrasing) as to suggest that being a felon is exclusive to being African-American. This immediately struck me as racist but there was zero reaction from the audience. That’s not to say the audience is necessarily racist for not booing Santorum off the stage, but I would suggest they didn’t consciously pick up on what was just said, because I believe if they had, they’d have booed him off the stage! The point I’m making is, the Republican party plays the class and race warfare game just as much, no more, no less, than the Democrat party, and both parties are absolutely guilty of it. Only, the Republicans are much more subversive and subconcious about it. It’s less obvious, at least to white people. And the two parties just feed each other in this never ending God awful mess.

    I love Ron Paul’s approach to this. He believes that racism, sexism, prejudice against Christians, Jews, Muslims, ageism, etc. are *collectivist* ideas. We shouldn’t favor men over women or women over men, or blacks over whites or whites over blacks because we don’t get our rights from belonging to a particular collectivist group. No, we have our rights because we are all INDIVIDUALS. Therefore, if you treat everyone as an individual, and understand where rights come from, and that each individual has unalienable rights and that rights do not come from some collective, then everyone is more FREE. I think you would appreciate a GOP candidate like Paul. Please check him out, he is not like the others. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMQmInReYlI


    • Whoa boy. Another Ron Paul supporter. When will the madness end?

      I can’t think of one single thing a Ron Paul supporter has said or done to make me even CONSIDER voting for that dude. Ron Paul supporters are the ones who won’t leave you alone at the grocery store. The ones who catch you on the street and ramble on forever about ridiculous conspiracy theories. The ones who stop by blogs and websites to offer indignant commentary and drop links to silly conspiracy Web sites. If this is the latest movement, consider me motionless.

  5. These debates have been making me ill. Like, quite literally ill. It was almost as if there was an understood “good ol’ boy” rule in place. “We’re here together so we can cheer together” about their barely veiled racist agendas.

    Let Newt pick up a f**king mop and learn the meaning of earning a buck. He could stand it much more than some wayward kid in school. That man has never entered a grocery story – how does HE know what earning a dollar is like? What does that kid do with his magical janitorial “buck” afterward? We can’t AFFORD anything anymore. What, is he going to buy a home? Good luck. Invest? Yeah, right. His “buck” is meaningless today. It was cute to see a kid earning a buck 40 years ago and its preposterous now. Will his “buck” buy him health insurance. No effin’ way.

    Newt, Sanitarium, and the rest of those loons need to go somewhere and STFU.

  6. I absolutely loved this piece and agree with you 100% (Especially the part about the best way to combat these ridiculous are with facts).

  7. Great video blog, Andre! I loved your delivery and your lucid points. With some work, I could see you on CNN as a talking head. Lord knows some of those clowns shouldn’t be on there.

  8. Andre! You have the face, voice, and mind for video blogging! You’re very engaging, and I encourage you to continue doing it. As for the GOP: I’ve been following this circus, and I think your commentary is spot on. Looking forward to your next vlog.

  9. Hey Andre,
    Very good! As someone who has done a lot of video blogs himself, I thought your delivery was excellent! You make some great points and I was particularly disturbed myself by Newt’s reference to President Obama as the “Food Stamp President”. I think it is indeed race baiting. A lot of people who are commenting on conservative radio and sites share my feelings also, so I would be careful about indicting all republicans on that statement. Now, I understand your point on how most social services are used by white people, but the figures you used; 24 million whites out of 36 million on food stamps (66.6%) and 70% of social services are questionable. First, who are you defining as “white?”. The census says there are about 72% whites in the U.S.. However, I find most of these figures throw “white” people like Jews or Arabs, in or out of the “white” catagory as it suits them. How do you define whites? Do you even have that right? Is it the same definition as the number of people who pay taxes and how much, or does that change to suit a agenda? What percentage of those people were “black”? Isn’t putting people in the “white” catagory based on self identification different at any point in time based on how the culture of the times views being white? For example; wasn’t it more likely for a mixed race person to self identify as “white” 50 years ago for obvious reasons? Isn’t it true that those same mixed race people self identify 90% of the time as black now? Isn’t this all as divisive as what the republicans are doing? It’s amazing to me that we live in a time where gender is considered ambiguous, but terms like “white” are thrown around as if it’s an absolute. I can not understand this logic.

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